Hillary Clinton Speaks of Being Inspired by A KKK Recruiter!

Hillary Clinton was a close friend of Senator Byrd – A KNOWN KKK MEMBER- and gave the eulogy at his funeral. This man did NOT hide the fact that he was a KKK RECRUITER!

Here is a video of comments made by Hillary Clinton on the passing of Senator Byrd:

Clinton says in the video that Senator Byrd was her “mentor” and that he was the heart and soul of the Senate. She said that he cared for all people in our nation…….

I suppose that the ones hated by the Klan – Blacks and Jews – are not considered part of America.

It’s time that the Jews and Blacks who support Hillary know the truth about her. She ONLY cares about the votes.

THAT, my friends, is the heart and soul of Hillary Rodham Clinton.