Andrea Bocelli’s Mother Was Told to Abort Him Because He Would Have a Disability

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I am watching and listening to Andrea Bocelli as I write this piece. I think that he has one of the most magnificent voices this world has ever heard. The utter beauty of his voice brings me to tears.

Did you know that his mother was urged to abort him?

A sample of Andrea’s amazing talent:


Since the SCOTUS decision of Roe Vs. Wade in 1973, there have been over 60 million babies slaughtered in their mother’s wombs.  Think about these little ones. Think of who they might have grown up to be.

A doctor

A scientist or doctor who would cure cancer

A singer

The greatest pianist the world has ever known

An actor

A preacher

A teacher

President of the U.S.

A writer

A lawyer

A dad

A mom

A brother

A sister

A friend to many

I believe that all of these little babies are safe in the arms of Jesus. But the people in the pro-death movement have to be demon possessed to not understand that each of these babies are people – little people.

This country will never know over 60 million people who were murdered before their lives could begin. These babies never knew their mother’s arms around them. They never knew a sunny day and the warmth of the sun on their bodies.

Abortion is one of the great sins which I believe has placed America under God’s righteous judgment. Even after seeing that Planned Parenthood cuts the babies up, and sells their parts – even after that, these blood thirsty demonically possessed people continue to demand the right to kill these children.

We deserve judgment.  I am ashamed of so much that goes on in America.  I want to go home to heaven so badly. I know that all of us who love the Lord Jesus Christ realize that this is not our home.




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