The Real Reason Saudi Arabia Will Not Take in Migrants

Saudi Arabia

I have heard this asked over and over – Why are migrant Muslims not being taken into Saudi Arabia?  I’ve wondered about it too, and it has angered me. One would think that Muslim “refugees” would be so much happier going to a country where the culture is familiar to them.

But then I read an article which explains why this is happening.  This angered me even more, as I’m sure it will anger you.


“Thousands of Middle Eastern migrants have swarmed into Europe, and Saudi Arabia is now finally offering to help.

No, the Gulf state isn’t offering to take in any of the so-called refugees. The Saudis are offering something much nicer to the European states having to deal with the migrant surge — paying for the construction of 200 mosques in Germany.

To any sane person, this overture would come across as a slap in the face. Saudi Arabia, despite being much closer in terms of geography and culture to the Syrian diaspora, has resisted all calls to take a single refugee in.” [1] – source


So, we see why the Saudis are refusing to take their share of Muslim migrants. It has nothing to do with being uncaring. It has nothing to do with being fearful of terrorists coming into their country.  It has everything to do with spreading Islam worldwide.  Two hundred mosques in Germany?  That sounds like achieving and maintaining permanency for the “refugees” in Europe. Is this an act of goodwill?  I think not.  It is a blatant act of spreading Islam and finally sharia law across the globe.  This is despicable.

The Daily Caller Goes On……

“Saudi Arabia does have Syrian nationals residing in the Gulf nation, but none of them have been taken in as refugees. According to the BBC, Syrian migrants are only allowed in with either a work permit or a tourist visa, and those are only given after a very thorough vetting process. Some lucky migrants have been granted extended stays in Saudi Arabia (as there were many Syrian nationals living in the country prior to the civil war), but very few of them will receive the kind of residency and benefits they’ll find in Western Europe.”

Their offer to “help” Germany only recognizes the obvious fact that the one million migrants the European state is planning to take in will transform the culture of the welcoming land. Considering Europe’s current problems with homegrown radical Islam, the mosques represent a troubling omen that too many of these migrants will further stoke the flames of extremism on the continent.”

Where do most Muslims become radicalized?  Of course, the answer to that is in mosques, under the fundamentalist teaching of imams. Is this all becoming sickeningly clear to you now?  Saudi Arabia has funded more terrorism around the world than any other country.  They also are creative in their Islamic quest for world domination.  They own hospitals and news stations and many other commodities  in America.  This is all very well thought out.

More from the Daily Caller

“The refugee crisis reveals the two very different philosophies operating in the migrant crisis. In the West, our leaders and chattering class views it as a humanitarian crisis that must be resolved by opening our borders. Open borders are a necessary sacrifice in order to live up to our liberal democratic ideals. What better way to show off your love of humanity than to let thousands of migrants stream over your border without prior permission?

In short, the West places platitudes over state (and citizen) interest.

Saudi Arabia is the opposite. The country doesn’t believe in liberal democracy, so it doesn’t have to take in migrants to prove its government loves liberty. Saudi leaders don’t want the migrants to come because they know the exodus contains terror elements. They also know that taking in thousands, if not millions, of migrants overnight is bound to lead social instability and to jeopardize future national prospects.”

Only the Lord knows the outcome of this “Syrian Diaspora.”  How many of these so-called refugees will Obama insist the U.S. take in before his last term ends — if it ends.  And how many mosques do you think Saudi Arabia is planning to build on American soil to accommodate the Muslims who will be coming here?

God’s perfect will is being accomplished. His prophetic Word will be fulfilled, and at times we may not like it. But God can see the end of our history. He knows what He is doing.  Our God is omnicient.

We must pray for the unsaved. We must share the Gospel of Jesus Christ like we never have before.  Time is short. People are dying and going to hell. Let’s share His Salvation and leave the outcome to Him.