THE PC JOURNALS: I Was Almost Escorted Out of Whole Foods Today Over Christmas Cookies


My Christmas cookies are famous; well, at least with my kids and grandkids. It’s a big deal each year to make them with the grandkids. I noticed that I was lacking green sugar sprinkles and that would present a HUGE problem. We must make Christmas tree cookies and we absolutely need green sugar!

We were on our way to Whole Foods anyway to buy some organic fruit and veggies. Surely Whole Foods would have sprinkles for Christmas cookies, wouldn’t you think?  We went up one isle and down another – making our way around the entire store.  I found sprinkles, but they were generic colors – pastels and yellow, pink and purple;  NOT Christmas cookie sprinkles.

I went to customer service and asked “Where are the sprinkles for making Christmas cookies?”  The young woman asked if I had looked on the baking isle. I say that I had.  She sent another lady with me to search for the green sprinkles.

The hippie type left wingers who populate Whole Foods love green, right? Green this and green that refers to climate change and keeping the planet (Mother earth to them) in good shape.  What if they wanted to make “Sustainable cookies” certainly those would be green, right?

The employee brought me down the baking isle and went to the boring sprinkles which I had already seen. She said “Hmmm…..I guess we don’t.”

I usually can contain myself and just say “Thanks for helping me look.” But something snapped in my head.  I said in a loud voice “This political correctness is OUT OF CONTROL!”  People turned around and looked at me.  I said “It’s true – why are read and green sprinkles for Christmas cookies not available in this hippie store??!!”

Then I looked at them all and said “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Then I walked (more like stomped) up front to exit this despicable place.  As I approached the front, there were lots of people.  I shouted “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!  HAVE A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”

The customer service person was eyeballing the manager. He must have been the manager, because he gave me the evil eye.  I exited the store.

That’s it. No more Whole Foods. There are other stores who have organic foods and are not Christmas/Christian haters.

We did go to another store and there were red and green sprinkles and snow flakes and even green icing for our Christmas tree cookies.


WHOLE FOODS – YOU SICKEN ME. But Merry Christmas anyway!