NON-WHITES ONLY APPLY: London Transport Advertises Paid Position for People of ‘Non-White Heritage’



A paid position advertised for the Transport for London government department has sparked outrage over its requirement that candidates come from “non-white heritage”.

In an advert for an 11-month Stuart Ross Communications Internship at Transport for London (TfL), which comes with a salary of £21,824 , has been branded as “racist” for excluding native white British people from consideration.

“Learn the essential skills you need to start your career in industries like public relations, public affairs or marketing environment,” the job listing said.

Under the requirements section, the government ad stated: “You must be of Black, Asian and minority ethnic background, defined as having some African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian or other non-white heritage.”

The apparent discrimination from a London governmental body received widespread backlash, with Brexit leader Nigel Farage exclaiming: “End racist adverts!”

Reclaim Party leader and star of the Breitbart original film My Son Hunter, Laurence Fox said of the post: “Imagine if this advert said ‘blacks need not apply’. There would be justifiable outrage from every corner of the insipid media.

“And they have the gall to call white people privileged? Persecuted, more like.”

“Systemic racism exists and it’s anti-white,” Scottish comedian and GB News contributor Leo Kearse added.

While the paid internship advertised is not a prominent role in the capital city’s transport network, the advert noted that the “programme has been highly successful and our interns have gone on to work in communications or public relations roles in organisations such as the Metropolitan Police, Crossrail Ltd, Marks & Spencer, NHS, local government, the Arts Council, and TfL.”

The latest anti-white scandal comes just days after it was revealed that a £51,000 per year teachers position in the city of Glasgow, Scotland came under criticism for similar discrimination, with the job only being open to those who “identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic.”

Similarly, the job advert was posted on a government website, in this instance on the official site for the far-left Scottish National Party (SNP)-run Glasgow City Council. The council later removed the posting and claimed that it was uploaded on accident, however, the body still defended the practice of race-based hiring.
Anti-white discrimination in hiring has become increasingly prevalent in Britain, with both the BBC and ITV broadcasters previously posting job adverts for minority-exclusive positions.



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  1. Although I don’t believe in it, I think this sort of situation gives some credence to the inconsistent “karma” thing or what goes around comes around at least in the USA with our unGodly treatment of blacks & other minorities. On the other hand I remember sometimes at my ‘Nam base camp white GI’s never left the EM club alone at nite around closing time during the brewing up of the Watts or “Black Power” craze in the states.
    What with the crazy reparations schemes flailing about so the Dems can buy voters, it’s no wonder a race war could develop which is likely what the WEF etc wants to propagate for a “crisis too good to waste.” THIS is a spiritual warfare battle. No other reason for it.

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