Karine Jean-Pierre Ignites Angry Reactions for Saying Children ‘Belong to All of Us’

NO …….they don’t! Children in a family belong to their PARENTS! Perhaps this is a reason why Crazy Uncle Joe feels so emboldened to sniff the heads of OTHER people’s children!

Maybe that is why our looney toon president invites children into the White House WITHOUT their parents. It’s because those kids belong to EVERYONE, right?

And maybe that is why the insane LEFT want to sneak children – YOUR CHILDREN out of school, and begin sexually transitioning them, unbeknownst to their parents.

GOD only knows what goes on with these perverts. Sorry if I’m shocking anyone, but I’m ANGRY about the children and how they are mistreated.

And perhaps this is a reason for the child sex trafficking. According to Jean-Pierre, the traffickers believe that all the kids belong to ‘everyone’ so therefore they can sell them into sex slavery.


From townhall.com

This week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre received backlash over a statement she made that American children “belong to all of us” in the context of access to irreversible gender mutilation treatments and surgeries for kids. 

Jean-Pierre made the remarks last weekend at the 34th annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards where she spoke with a reporter from Jezebel about restrictions on transgender medical treatments and surgeries. 

“I’ve met a lot of parents of trans kids in the past couple of months who have told me these devastating stories, whether they’re in Texas or Oklahoma or wherever they are, saying how they now have to seriously consider leaving their state to protect their child. That’s something that we have to call out and continue to be very clear about. These are kids. These are our kids. They belong to all of us.”

Catholic activist organization Catholic Vote claimed that the Biden administration, spearheaded by our “devout Catholic” president, is working to “destroy the role of parents at every turn.” This is evident on the issues of abortion and transgenderism.

On the issue of abortion, several pro-life organizations came out against Jean-Pierre’s remarks. As Townhall has reported, the Biden administration has provided underage women resources to obtain abortions and get them paid for. 

Protect Women Ohio, which is working on stopping a radical anti-parent, pro-abortion, pro-transgenderism amendment in the state, wrote that “No parent wants to hear the government tell them their kids are not theirs.”

Susan B. Anthony List, a national pro-life organization, pointed out that President Joe Biden previously said that there’s “no such thing as someone else’s child” this year. Jean-Pierre’s recent remarks doubled down on this belief.

“Democrats are pushing to limit parents’ ability to have a say in their daughters’ lives – to keep them from *even knowing* if their children are seeking abortions. They see parents as barriers,” the organization tweeted. “And they’re not hiding it.”

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the board chair of Do No Harm, a medical organization working to protect healthcare from a radical, divisive, and discriminatory ideology, told Townhall that “Miss Jean-Pierre is correct that the state plays an important role regarding children. That role is to protect children from child abuse and from their own inability to make good judgments. That is why children cannot drive, cannot smoke, and cannot vote. The idea that children can make informed judgments about altering their body and their reproductive future suggests that adults, particularly those in healthcare, who support so-called gender, affirming care, are betraying these children.”  

Eagle Forum, a conservative organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly, came out against Biden and Jean-Pierre’s remarks.

“The White House Press Secretary has joined Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in reiterating the despicable lie that children don’t belong to parents, but instead to the community and state itself,” Ed Martin, president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, said in a statement. “It may sound radical, but it’s a closely held and common belief of the left. That’s why hack groups like the ACLU and URGE are working overtime across the country to completely erode and destroy parental involvement and consent from their kids, especially when it comes to transgender counseling and surgeries or underage girls being pressured into abortions.” 

“This treachery is unconscionable, but it’s happening right now — don’t think your school is immune!” Martin added. When the government owns its people, there’s no room left for liberty. The Biden Administration needs to hear this message from We the Parents loud and clear: NO.”  Source



7 thoughts on “Karine Jean-Pierre Ignites Angry Reactions for Saying Children ‘Belong to All of Us’

    1. Me too!! And there is most definitely a method to their madness. It the lefty lunatics can persuade the masses that children belong to everyone – next comes “Because children belong to everyone, we think that these kids should not live in Conservative Christian homes because those people are domestic terrorists……..” You see what they’re doing? DIABOLICAL!

  1. I agree with Dr. Goldfarb that the only way the children are “ours’ is in our responsibility to protect them from these things the government and other leftist organizations are trying to do to “our” children. How can anyone who has not even met “our” children know better than the parents who care for them 24/7 what their needs are? This treachery seems only to be increasing, and the ones who are suffering are the children. How it must grieve the Lord! Truly, they are ultimately His children, and He cares deeply what happens to them.

    1. I was too quick to believe that article and to post it. I had a bad feeling right after posting and then I checked with brother in Christ, Leo Hohmann. He said that the piece was random and he could not vet it. That was good enough for me. Please forgive me for this mistake.

  2. KJP is nuts anyway, in my opinion but being nuts pays good. KJP’s salary is 180k/year + benefits. She’s a lesbian shill for an industrial strength national embarrassment of an installed, not elected, joke of a president. I don’t listen to KJP’s inane yammering. However I do feel sympathy for the insane as in “but for the grace of God go I.”

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