Little black box problem?

Hello everyone. I was just notified by our very own Dale Vernon that whenever he tries to comment, a black box requesting information pops up and does not go away.

If this problem is widespread, I want to know about it.

Is this happening to you?

24 thoughts on “Little black box problem?

  1. Stive

    What I know is it’s been ages since my comments ever seen even by me or replied too. Don’t comment much here now as don’t know if even seen this is only site that has problems in this way.

  2. Donna

    Let me see, should it pop up in the comment or reply box.

    Maybe he is more important the someone like me. An old lady, conservative, follower of Jesus Christ and light skin. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕💕

    1. I didn’t say anything about being blocked. The person merely asked about little black boxes that would not go away. He was able to comment but had to do it around the boxes.

  3. I forgot to mention the little black box appears on my rather lengthy comments not the short stuff. The most recent one I sent today was a lengthy one & the box presented itself & persisted until I sent it.

      1. LV McGraw

        I never was on there much until Musk took over. Then we hear that he hired a WEF person, so that changes things for me. Wasn’t Tucker Carlson supposed to be on Twitter?? How will that effect Tucker if that is the case?

      2. Yep, Tucker was going to do his nightly show on Twitter. I guess it took something like that for Elon to show his true colors and allegiance. Scoundrel!

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