5 thoughts on “Washington Democrat Governor Inslee Signs Controversial Bill Allowing Government to Take Away Minors From Parents If They Refuse to Agree to Gender Transition Surgery (VIDEO)

  1. julieg777

    If you live in Washington or any other liberal state, I recommend leaving if you can. This is terrible.

  2. I live in this hell-hole, and our Governor is demonic! We are a state where the demons have free reign through the Democrats here, and they have cheated so much for the past 30 years, that we are in dire need of God’s deliverance from them and their control – mostly coming from the big cities in the western side of the state (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia). We have big outside money sources that keep funding the Democrat candidates, and they cheat, and cheat, and cheat! Only God can defeat them at this point, it seems! My husband and I are too old to move out of this state, but we have always voted for Christian candidates if they run. It is very, very discouraging!!!

  3. Yep that’s our boy clueless, cheerleader for evil, prob possessed by his bodyguard the devil. A loyal thru & thru demoncrat. Says he’s not running again, 3 terms is plenty for the decadent one but plenty more even worse crazy leftists are salivating for the office of chief dictator. Once again the 5 most populus & also liberal counties in the Puget Sound area will elect states’ next governor as usual. Everyone else can pound sand. I can’t move now, but I know for sure my next move will be permanent….to heaven with my Savior. Can’t be soon enough.

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