2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo: Trouble in River City for the Biden Syndicate

  1. It would truly be miraculous if Biden is impeached for this, or if any of those involved in the illegal obfuscation of the pay-for-play money schemes will ever be brought to justice in our compromised justice system. The hypocrisy of Maria Bartiromo who, as a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (https://www.cfr.org/membership/roster), audaciously accuses them of selling out America, and negatively affecting national security which, though true, can also be said of the CFR.

    1. Yes, as I was reading I thought of the hypocrisy of the member of CFR – EVIL to the core of their being. Deep State is the mafia-like protector of criminals like Joe Biden. We can rest assured that whatever happens – God allowed it!

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