Former President Clinton aide who had ties to Epstein died by suicide, police say, though questions remain

With my commentary added

Strange, this is the second article today with the Clinton name in it – with people dying. Hmm…….


A former special assistant to President Bill Clinton who also had ties to Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide, a new sheriff’s office report says, though questions regarding his death remain.

Oh boy, do they remain!

On May 7, 2022, 59-year-old Mark Middleton was discovered deceased at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, about 30 miles from his home in Little Rock. He was reportedly found sitting next to a tree with an extension cord wrapped around his neck. The other end of the cord was attached to a tree limb above him. 

“I could see the male was obviously deceased,” Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson wrote in the report. Lawson arrived on the scene after ranch employee Samantha McElroy, 46, reported an abandoned vehicle — a black BMW SUV, which deputies later discovered belonged to Middleton.

Though the extension cord may have contributed to his demise, Middleton’s ultimate cause of death was the gunshot wound he sustained to his chest, an assessment Sheriff Scott Montgomery made just a few weeks after Middleton was found.

Wait, WHAT? So the extension cord may have contributed to his demise but ultimately he died from a gunshot wound to his chest??

And it took three weeks for them to find a hole in his chest? Are you kidding me?? Barney Fife could have done a better job investigating this!!!

“He died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the chest,” Montgomery said last June. 

And now he ultimately died from a SHOTGUN blast to the chest??

“It was very evident that the shotgun worked because there was not a lot of blood or anything on the scene. You can tell the shotgun blast was on his chest. You can tell that because there is a hole in the chest, and pellets came out the back of his back. It was definitely self-inflicted, in our opinion.”

So, it was very clear that the shotgun worked because there was NOT a lot of blood or anything on the scene? HUH?? If there was NOT a lot of blood on the scene after a SHOTGUN blast to the chest, then he must have been moved there, right?? So that kind of rules out suicide, don’t ya think?

A lawsuit filed by the Middleton family that same month likewise stated that he “died by suicide,” the Western Journal reported.

Despite the report from the sheriff’s office and a corroborating statement from the family, many people still have questions regarding Middleton’s death. The main cause of confusion is that the weapon Middleton allegedly used to shoot himself was never recovered. Investigators did find “three boxes of 12GA buckshot” in the trunk of his car “but no weapon,” Lawson stated.

Wait, What……..WHAT????? Many people still have questions about the claim of suicide because the gun was never recovered????

Middleton is also just one of several former Clinton associates who died under supposedly suspicious circumstances. The death of Clinton’s former deputy White House counsel Vince Foster in July 1993 was ruled a suicide by all five government groups empaneled to investigate it, though some critics and media outlets still claimed that there had been a cover-up because no fingerprints could be found on the weapon in Foster’s hand.

Except for Foster’s fingerprints, right? If the gun was in his hand, what happened to his fingerprints? Did Vince wipe them off AFTER he killed himself? Oh yeah – that’s an airtight case………NOT

Middleton had his own connections to Epstein. Not only did Middleton admit Epstein into the White House on seven of Epstein’s 17 visits there, but Middleton himself is listed on flight logs of Epstein’s “Lolita Express,” the plane used to transport various high-profile figures to an island where many then sexually abused underage girls. Former President Clinton is listed on the flight logs as well.

OH…….no reason to bump this guy off. Nothing to see here folks……keep moving..

Middleton worked for Clinton until 1995. Soon after Middleton’s departure from the White House, accusations began to swirl that he had abused his position to impress business clients. He later returned to Arkansas and joined his family’s HVAC business.

Reports indicate that Middleton had been suffering from depression shortly before his death. He is survived by his wife, Rhea, and two daughters, Lindsay, 18, and Lauren, 20.

I would be depressed too if I lived my life looking over my shoulder every minute, and wondering if the end was near!


Can you imagine the glory of being in heaven with our precious Jesus, and leaving all of this mess behind?


7 thoughts on “Former President Clinton aide who had ties to Epstein died by suicide, police say, though questions remain

  1. I can’t tell you how the vision of your comment at the bottom of this article rang in my heart. After the avalanche of horrid news stories lately, even the mere mention of the Name Above All Names and the Hope that it incites is cause for a small celebration. Shamefully, I may be one of the least in His kingdom but I’m so looking forward to the glory you mentioned. Thank you Geri.

  2. Eric H. Bowen

    Forgive if I play fast and loose with eschatology here….

    I have this vision (writer’s imagination, not some numinous ‘experience’) of an ongoing Judgment around the Great White Throne. The rules are different than on Earth; you do not need to be present to be tried and convicted. But when your verdict is read out, you are removed from this world to that Courtroom in order to review the evidence and make any appeal which might come to your mind.

    That Court can assign punishments which go far, far beyond what any Earthly court could impose. And its justice is true; no one yet has ever ‘gotten off’ on an appeal…save the Risen Lord. But I have the conceit that there are many, when faced with fines that mount into the quintillions of dollars…and must be paid off, to the last penny, in sound (un-inflated) currency…point fingers at others and say, in so many words, “He put me up to it!” “He threatened to fire me unless I got the jab!” “They said it was legal for me to murder my baby!” “The banking regulators never found enough on me to prosecute!” And so on, and so on.

    Part of my further conceit is that, yes, in some cases the Court will agree that you do have a case against another party. It doesn’t remove your guilt; it doesn’t lessen the penalty you owe, but some day in eons to come when your debt has finally been paid you will have some recourse against these other parties for leading you down the garden path and making your sin seem like “no big deal.”

    And that, I venture to think, is why some of the worst this world has to offer (G. Soros, anyone?) seem to live such long and untroubled lives. The Court has not called them in yet, because with the damage they do on their own account compounded with what they owe for what they did to others…the final tally is not ready yet. For some of them we may have to invent new systems of mathematics. But some day that tally will be complete, and they will be called before the Righteous Judge to give an account….

    Would that we could get more than just an imagined hint of these proceedings here upon this Earth…pour encourager les autres, as a certain infidel of note once said.

  3. Sounds like a good old fashioned Arkanside to me. Seems to be an awfully elaborate setup for one who hastens to end his supposedly miserable life asap. If depression is the cause, why go to all that trouble? Just do it, and why is it important to arrange your final moments of personal misery by insuring you have a scenic view of the world that hates you? “Goodbye cruel world” doesn’t fit in here & real depression can be medically treated. Since the “report” said his depression was “recent” were there any medical records of him seeking treatment? No word on that.

    It seems to me an honest investigation should always include any possible links to the Clinton outfit, especially if Epstein or a certain log book or personal knowledge of hot shot passenger names on the Lolita Express is involved. Don’t forget Epstein was dispatched also in a similar way (hanging part) & he certainly was “in the know”. Does not compute.

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