THE BOSS – From the Desk of Dale Vernon In Response to:

The Federal Government is tracking the unvaccinated

Wonder if they have a work-related code for this:

My Boss wouldn’t let me get the toxic jabs & He also recommended I avoid ALL jabs seemingly sponsored by the same demonic rascals! My Boss also knows who is really behind this rotten stuff & seems to think it will only get worse. My Boss wants me healthy for His work assigned to me.

However, someday soon my (the Boss) says He will personally come back & deal with this whole dastardly human demonic mob once & for all, forever & make everything new, wholesome & right. He will also permanently & personally put all those responsible for purposely killing, maiming us & our loved ones in a special place to stay alive but be tortured forever with no escape, rest or leniency. He (the Boss) wrote it all down & PROMISED it with WRITTEN guarantees which never can be declared null & void. Our misery under these nasty rascals is limited in time but their misery is forever. You can find all this out for yourselves in a book called the Holy Bible.

So who is our end all be all Rescuer?
It’s not an alien flying around in a UFO who wants us to take them to our human, dastardly fellow human mob leaders cuz the aliens know most of them are ding dongs & therefore a waste of time. (Talk about the REAL useless eaters.) My Boss created them all & but most didn’t turn out so good cuz they wouldn’t obey the only Son of my Boss so they will wind up in the same place as the rest of the disobedient human dastardly mob. So now I refer to these disobedient groups as the demonic, dastardly, human mob.

BTW “aliens” are demons (angels gone bad) & related to the dastardly human mob in that their common boss is the head demon crime boss Satan. Many of the dastardly human mob are actually possessed by demons & my Boss said they would rather obey Satan rather than my Boss & His Son. So my Boss gave them over to serve Satan as they wished. But my Boss is all powerful & regards Satan’s demonic & human dastardly mob as the enemy.
My Boss says you are either for His only Son or against Him. No in between stuff, or on the fence, or thinking about it, or give me 24 hours, or don’t call me I’ll call You, or I respect You but I love doing my own thing. Nah! Today is the day of salvation..right now, this minute. For your own eternal good, flee from the dastardly, demonic, human evil mob leader bunch. You familiar with the Mafia? Same type of setup & why not it’s the same leader, the devil. Are you one of the soldiers who carry out the devil’s wishes or maybe the “hits” but for the globalist cabal on Christians? Remember no fence siting. You are either for Jesus or against middle ground allowed.

My answer to all the demands of the Globalists enslavement agenda to conform or else is that I already have steady employment to bring in the harvest for the workers are few. My job is secure, the blessings, benefits & future cannot be matched. My Boss’ Son loved me so much, He died a grisly, inhumane death JUST FOR ME by taking my sins upon Himself thereby saving me from the place where the demonic & human dastardly mob is going. My Boss’ only Son is also my friend forever cuz He promised to never leave me or forsake me. WHAT A GREAT BOSS AND HIS SON’S NAME IS JESUS. Do you want what I & millions of others already have & treasure? 

ASSURANCE from the ONE who cannot die lie or twist the truth? Then you need & must have the Lord Jesus Christ. He wants you to allow Him to be your Savior. Do you know the Son’s inheritance (all creation) from the Father is shared with us as well? Or do you prefer enslavement by the globalist, demonic, human dastardly mobs coming soon for the rest of your freedoms & individuality? You will march in step with them or else. If you intend to willingly serve this demonic mob then as their devotee you go to the same eternal place of torment. You never escape these thugs. That’s their “peace” & also the “be happy” part of life they give you. 

If you want peace not as the world gives but REAL peace forever then ASK Jesus to save you. If you really mean it He will never refuse that request. But don’t think you deserve saving cuz you don’t. It’s the gift of my Boss who is gracious & loving to the utmost. He asked His only Son to die in your place for the sins u committed against His Father. His only Son gladly took that task upon Himself which you alone deserved. That’s real love.
Consult the HOLY BIBLE written by my Boss & look up John 3:16 BELIEVE it and DON’T delay. Time is VERY short. Working for my BOSS (when doing His will) is the absolute best job & most fulfilling I’ve EVER had & the best is yet to come when I serve Him in Person in Heaven all the time with my entire being.

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