JUST IN: Pilots Are Now Reporting Chinese Spy Balloon Floating a Few Thousand Feet Above Them, “DERELICT BALLOON ADRIFT”

From thegatewaypundit.com

Pilots are now reporting the Chinese spy balloon is floating a few thousand feet above them.

Via CNN: “DERELICT BALLOON ADRIFT” at 50,000 feet was just reported by the crew of a Cessna Citation private jet cruising at 43,000 feet near Kansas City.

Xi Jinping’s China spy balloon is making its way across the United States surveilling some of our most sensitive military installations.

According to reports, the high-altitude surveillance balloon flew over the Aleutian Islands, through Canada and ended up in Montana by Wednesday.

On Friday the China spy balloon was spotted over Metro St. Louis – Miles from Scott Air Force Base.

The crew of a Cessna Citation private plane then spotted the spy balloon a few thousand feet above the aircraft near Kansas City.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is partying in Philadelphia at a DNC event boasting about all the time he has spent with Xi Jinping.

When the Pentagon spox was asked about the Chinese spy balloon, he told American citizens to go outside and look up at the sky to see where the balloon is.


4 thoughts on “JUST IN: Pilots Are Now Reporting Chinese Spy Balloon Floating a Few Thousand Feet Above Them, “DERELICT BALLOON ADRIFT”

  1. julieg777

    It should have been shot down when it was first spotted in Alaska over open seas. It never should have been allowed to enter US airspace. Had the tables been turned and it was one of our spy balloons in China, you had better believe they would have shot it down. Biden and his administration are making America the laughing stock of the world and this is very dangerous. Believe me, China is definitely paying attention to Biden’s dereliction of duties.

  2. This is very dangerous indeed. What is the reason it wasn’t shot down?? Biden isn’t running this show! Only fear would make us this weak! It’s working. Not one run away balloon but two! A virus on board? How simple this was for Chin to inilate American populatio? COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! Is it spreading a cortisol this instant Look what Covid has done!! I am scared and FURIOUS. What a joke our civil defense is actually, there is no civil defense. We are wide open to every single person and virus and terrorist coming into this country. Thanks to the Democrats that are tearing this country into shreds. BIDEN IS A SENILE MAN! WHO IS DOING THIS TO US??

  3. Donna

    I could be completely thick! Nevertheless, it seems to me this should have been taken down/out when it first entered our air space.
    Is it my imagination or do we really have a White House full of incompetent officials and it the same for our senior military.

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