2 thoughts on “Newsom’s wife made millions after charging schools to watch ‘gender justice’ films

  1. I am vaguely aware of Newsome being considered to replace OBiden when the Deep State throws OB under the bus because the “Big Guy” & Hunter are getting investigated for selling out our country. Actually, the reason they have fallen out of favor with their Globalist bosses is those 2 rascals are getting caught doing Globalist approved nefarious things against us but for our enemies & that seems to be the new way the Dparty operates (think Clinton, Obama as visual aids). My point is why would the Dcrats consider Gruesome Newsome?
    Look at his record in Cal. He loves taxes, big spending on stupid projects, transgenderism, empty jails, no guns for us, baby killing, sanctuary cities for the lawless illegals, out of state sanctuary for hopeful transgender kids protected from parents who know evil when they see it, no borders, foreign criminals & terrorists (real ones) are welcome & given our tax$ for whatever, get rid of gas or diesel fuel so we can’t go anywhere or heat our homes & businesses & he’s a true blue Globalist and GN’s wife is now involved in a side biz of “Gender Justice” & fleecing the Cal govt for millions of $. What’s not to like about that business model? I’d say it’s excellent training for a budding pair of quasi dictators getting rich off taxing the serfs.
    I am sure the WEF is closely watching the progress of their Globalist proteges & the Gruesome Newsome’s bent for a future kingdom of their own & destruction of our individual freedoms, family & God of the Bible.

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