Dem lawmakers say they worry their Republican colleagues could shoot up Congress

I sincerely hope you were not drinking something when you read the headline!

Did you know that 99% of Mass Murderers and School shooters were LEFTWING crazies???

Pretty sure I did a piece on that so please look it up.


Some House Democrats are concerned that their Republican colleagues could shoot up Congress after metal detectors were removed from the House of Representatives, they told Raw Story.

“A lot of my Republican colleagues glorify violence and proudly display the firearms they have in their offices, so it just makes me nervous that we could have a workplace violent event. They’re not the most stable people,” Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell said in an interview this week with Raw Story.

Metal detectors were first installed in the House of Representatives following the Jan 6. riots, but were removed at the start of 118th Congress. Some Democrats are now worried that their Republican counterparts could engage in gun violence, and have voiced concerns that the removal of the metal detectors could lead to “tragedy,” according to Raw Story.

Swalwell thinks the decision is a “recipe for disaster” and Democratic Michigan Rep. Dan Kildee, referring to Republicans, said it’s a “frightening group of people over there,” according to Raw Story. Democratic Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal agreed with Raw Story’s remarks that it is “scary” to live in a “QAnon reality.”

“There have been increased threats to members of Congress. There’s been an increase in political violence in this country, and I think we have a responsibility to make sure that people come to work—this is a workplace—that they could do so safely and free from any fear of violence, particularly gun violence,” Democratic Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline told Raw Story.

Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff has “concerns” about removing the metal detectors and hopes the move does not end in “tragedy,” according to Raw Story. One Democrat, Virginian Rep. Abigail Spanberger, supported removing the metal detectors, saying it slowed down votes.

After Nancy Pelosi installed the metal detectors, some Republicans protested the decision. Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert walked around the metal detectors, and told Capitol Police that he cannot be stopped. “You can’t stop me; I’m on my way to a vote,” he said.

“The metal detector policy for the House floor is unnecessary, unconstitutional, and endangers members. I did not comply tonight. I will not comply in the future,” Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy said when the metal detectors were first installed. Source




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  1. Mark V

    Oh, the party who supports violence from BLM and antifia! The party who encourages firebombing of pregnancy resource centers and fails to investigate or prosecute offenders!! The same party who prevents violent ILLEGAL immigrants from deportation and allows them to murder innocent CITIZENS!!! This same Godless party (yes, by their own words they removed God from their platform) who entraps CITIZENS by inviting them inside only to murder and violate their constitutional right to speedy trial and keep them incarcerated without charge!!!! If Americans have anything to fear it would be another day of the Democratic totalitarian rule where righteousness is void and decadence and mayhem prevail. Lockdowns, forced injections, child mutilation, revisionist history, climate idolatry… these ARE the days of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah. Despite this chaos, we can look up with anticipation to the Glorious return of our Sovereign Lord King Redeemer Kinsman JESUS!

  2. Sounds like something from the AOC loudmouth bogus “truth” center.
    Or maybe the Maxine Waters totally flaky hypocrite truth center starlet who risks choking to death if she ever did tell the truth. She’s still kicking therefore she must still be stirring the cauldron of demoncrat lies.

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