Robin Linaz on AI Necromancy ‘Gadget’

Touching – or grotesque? The AI gadget that lets you ‘talk’ to loved ones beyond the grave to help friends and family cope with grief

“This feels slightly like they are preying on the bereaved.” That’s an understatement! This is wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to start. And Steve and Sarah Berger can claim to be Christians but there is nothing Christian about this

You can be sure that profiteers will pay to have Mary, Peter, dead popes, Billy Graham and likely Jesus Himself, made into virtual entities that will communicate with anyone willing to pay for the experience. And that is all it is, a false experience, designed to deceive the desperately grieving.

The Lord wants us to turn to Him in Spirit and in Truth (not demonic virtual communication) for guidance and comfort in our distress! 

We continue hearing of so many people who are renewing their faith in the Lord since COVID hit, out of grief over someone they lost. The last thing they need is to interrupt that process by continuing on in a relationship with a phony likeness of their loved one!

Sickening, not surprising, but sickening. This is an abomination before the Lord, another in an endless list of them these days.

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