DECEASED HUMANS to Become COMPOST: Democrat Gov. Hochul Legalizes Composting Human Remains in New York

At least the globalists make it quite clear how they feel about the human race


Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation on Saturday that legalizes human composting.

New York is now the sixth state in the nation that has legalized the practice.

The bill was introduced by Democrat State Assembly Member Amy Paulin and Democrat State Sen. Leroy Comrie. It states that “Natural Organic Reduction accelerates the process of biological decomposition in an above-ground container, naturally converting human remains to soil. The method will provide New Yorkers with the option of choosing an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective alternative to burial and cremation. Natural Organic Reduction was legalized in Washington State in 2019 and is currently going through legislative efforts in other states.”

The process takes 60 days and works by placing a person’s remains in a vessel and filling it with a mix of wood chips, alfalfa, and straw.

The New York State Catholic Conference has vehemently opposed the bill.

“Composting is something we as a society associate with a sustainable method of eliminating organic trash that otherwise ends up in landfills. But human bodies are not household waste, and the bishops do not believe that the process meets the standard of reverent treatment of our earthly remains,” Dennis Poust, executive director of the New York State Catholic Conference, told the Catholic Courier.

“Like most bills in Albany, there were no public hearings allowing New Yorkers to weigh in on the pros and cons of the bill. It was all done behind closed doors,” Poust added. “The average New Yorker has no idea this bill was introduced, let alone passed. While it has been covered here and there in the press, it has received very little attention, which is troubling, because we certainly think that new methods of disposition of human remains ought to be talked about in society, and the public should have a chance to consider if this is a direction we want to go.”

In a statement about the bill issued on June 1, the New York State Catholic Conference said, “while not everyone shares the same beliefs with regard to the reverent and respectful treatment of human remains, we believe there are a great many New Yorkers who would be uncomfortable at best with this proposed composting/fertilizing method, which is more appropriate for vegetable trimmings and eggshells than for human bodies.”

A Seattle funeral home that composts humans, Recompose, charges $7,000 and boasts that they can turn the deceased into soil in “as little as 30 days.”

The funeral home’s website explains that they offer a “laying in” ceremony when the body is placed in a vessel to compost.

“When you arrive at Recompose Seattle, you will be greeted by a member of our Services team who will guide you to the Gathering Space. Your person’s body will be in view when you walk into the Gathering Space, laying on a dark green bed we call a cradle, draped in a natural cloth,” the website explains.” The cradle will be stationed in front of our white, hexagonal threshold vessel, which is a passageway to our vessel system. A Recompose Services Specialist will guide you through the ceremony from start to finish.”

The company claims that “for every person who chooses Recompose over conventional burial or cremation, one metric ton of carbon dioxide is prevented from entering the atmosphere. In addition, our approach to human composting requires 1/8 the energy of conventional burial or cremation. Recompose allows you to choose an end-of-life option that strengthens the environment rather than depleting it.” Source

I have no words…….


7 thoughts on “DECEASED HUMANS to Become COMPOST: Democrat Gov. Hochul Legalizes Composting Human Remains in New York

  1. Barbara Mowrey

    Dead bodies are big business with insurance companies, funeral homes, etc. but families are not going to go for those at all! Who wants to see mom or dad brother sister daughter son made compost?! No one in their right mind. I imagine they will make this, especially happen for the veterans who cannot be identified after the government kills them, as usual, and then disgraces them. This is the sickest, weakest, most pathetic government I have ever seen in my lifetime and I am 72 years old. I am ashamed of what the United States of America has become. Totally shamed.

    1. And I am ashamed with you. I think that America does not have a part in the end days, so it makes sense that our country’s Great Sin will lead to its utter destruction. I think that it’s not far off – I feel it in my bones.

  2. So many wonderful worldly things coming down the pike. Is composting us a step up or down from becoming Soylent Green? Either way we eat dead people. If composted humans are full of RNA jab witches brew how does that affect the soil for growing crops? How to desecrate the wondrously made human body created by God, “let me count the ways.”

    Other thoughts, how about the elite stripping us of our saleable organs b4 composting? Hope they don’t do it while I’m alive. Of course the Gestapo, Mengeles types of the elite might get the go ahead to emulate the Chinese “harvesting” methods of their Uighur prisoners & treat us “useless eaters” the same way. Nah! The world is too civilized for that & OBiden, our national role model of virtuous living would never let that happen! Hey anybody who sells out our country, takes communion, loves abortion, okays the injecting of infants with the RNA special death sauce,
    signed the “disrespect for God ordained marriage act”, lights up the white house with the rainbow colors symbolizing every abominable sin that spits in the face of God Almighty can’t be all bad…right? Aren’t those wonderful presidential accomplishments?

    To call our president an idiot is an insult to those who are idiots but are not to blame for their condition. But what other name for him is really appropriate for someone who publicly despises the Almighty thru his actions & claims to be a Christian? Don’t forget the Grand Poopa of Rome giving him communion publicly honoring his Satanic deeds..they are bedfellows. Don’t be deceived by their parasitical, bogus christianity in name only. Their Jesus is a fake just like their salvific claims.

    Getting back to our composting future & allayment of our fears of contaminated food. Have no fear though as our ever-truthful govt will give us their famous “safe & effective” FDA guarantee of goodness. Govt sponsored, free school lunches anyone? I feel so much better now knowing that, don’t you? How does that old pop song go, “It’s such a pretty world today”.. time to put on your rose colored glasses, stick your head back in the sand, what a wonderful future in store for those who refuse to trust the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal salvation.

    Gee, aren’t you looking forward to the utopian, pretty, own nothing & be happy future world promised by the elites who wanna enslave us & then chop us up & sell our parts for personal gain makes me almost ready to start shouting “peace & safety” because the Bible says that’s when the end will come & if I’m still here (Yuck) then heaven & my Savior await me. 1Thess 5:3….I’m ready to meet my Maker….ARE YOU?

  3. julieg777

    Just like the Charlton Heston movie, Soylent Green. Oddly enough, the movie was based out of the year 2022. (I just watched it the other night). Scary.

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