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Ex-Trans Teen to Sue Kaiser Permanente Over Gender Transition as Minor: Absolutely Heartbreaking

From Dale:

Geri has a good question as to “Why has this exploded now? We never heard of such a thing when we were young.” An intriguing question “why, now” which got me thinking about Daniel’s prophecy of the 70th week (thanks to Bonnie for her timely contribution today). Civilization is right on the cusp of that week. Things are changing drastically in favor of the evil one.

God has let out the devil’s leash to prep the world’s corrupt leaders and governments for the 4th kingdom on the earth which will be different from all the other kingdoms and it will devour the whole earth and tread it down and crush it. Dan7:23.

To get there takes considerable rehashing of the world’s present kingdoms which takes some time cuz the last Satanic kingdom is so different from the previous ones.
People will go to and fro; knowledge will increase. Jet travel, gene editing, AI, transhumanism, church apostacy, Christian oppression, no cash, all buying, selling digital, education system turned into re-education propaganda camps, turn the kids against their parents, pornographic sex “education” for kids, sex change & abortion propagated in public schools, infanticide, euthanasia, manmade plagues, crooked judges, federal protection of same sex marriage, governments becoming more dictatorial and tyrannical in suppressing truth, media cooperation in spreading govt lies, famines, wars, total destruction and ruination of the world in just minutes, etc ad nauseum. These events are unique only to the last of the last days.

In Revelation chapters 6-22 we have God explaining in detail what the ungodly can expect from the antichrist’s nirvana. The ending for the born again believer is much different & wonderful in every respect because that ending is our glorious beginning with our Great God & Savior the Lord Jesus Christ for eternity.

So Geri, in my opinion “Why now” is because we are the genration to see the budding of the fig tree Matt 24:32-33 …even so you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is right at the door. This verse is a 2nd Coming verse BUT there is a certain prepping & shaping of events leading up to the glorious personal return of Christ as the warrior King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

You ask “Why now”. I think the Lord’s parable of the fig tree budding is universally accepted as the world’s recognition of the sovereign state of Israel May 14, 1948. That date is the “Why now?” Shortly thereafter America started its downward moral decline & sped up when Pres Kennedy was assassinated and we’ve been breaking the speed limit almost yearly since and now a new federally protected evil seems to pop up almost weekly.
It’s all according to God’s master plan and timetable so it may not be pleasant for us as light in a dark and perverse world but He will take care of us.

After all He is our ABBA Father and we the born again are His children and His Son’s bride. Our Father in heaven already has given His blessing to the marriage of the Lamb at Pentecost. Our future with the Son is absolutely guaranteed by the God who cannot lie & has given us already His holy deposit by the Holy Spirit Who living within us 24/7. The immediate future is not smooth sailing on this earth for the born again but it’s a short trip to victory. The Lord being so faithful will bring us home before He unleashes His wrath on earth. Remember God directed Noah and family into the ark only once and then God shut the door on reprobate mankind.

Only He knows the timing & it’s always on the dot.

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  1. Would like to repeat my lines here in the hope that brother Dale reads them.

    I should obviously go back to the comments more often to find such a gem. THANK YOU Dale, from the bottom of my heart for this encouragement, which is much needed with MANY brothers and sisters. Best regards from Spain. Will send your comment to a German brother who is pretty much in despair.

    Maranatha and a hug to all the brothers and sisters who read and write here. ♥

    1. Thank you Vera for your kind words. We all need to internalize the hope Jesus gives us in spite of the evil surrounding us. That hope in Him is very REAL . The Bible is full of trials & tribulations against His own but the Lord delivers us all to Himself for eternity. He’ll never miss even one because He is perfect & so are His prophecies & promises. I think the Lord Jesus is as anxious as we are to finally meet face to face. John chpt 14 Jesus comforts His disciples because He going to the cross & they will see Him no more but He sends them the Comforter the world cannot receive because it does not behold Him or know Him BUT you know Him because He abides with you & will be in you.
      Our God loves us without limit John 15:9 Just as the Father has loved Me I have also loved you, abide in My love. That kind of love cannot be topped.
      Can you lose your salvation? For the sake of brevity I picked only 1 out of about 300 verses.
      Dumb question; does a born again believer think our perfect, sinless God ignores or contradicts the prayers of His perfect, sinless Son? Here Jesus prayed for His disciples and I have used bits & pieces for brevity John 17:9-12 I ask on their behalf, I do not ask on behalf of the world but of those whom Thou hast given Me for they are Thine….I come to Thee Holy Father, keep them in Thy Name, the Name which Thou hast given Me, that they may be one, even as We are…17:15 I do not ask Thee to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one.
      Here Jesus prays for us! v20 I do not ask in behalf of these alone, BUT FOR THOSE WHO ALSO BELIEVE IN ME THRU THEIR WORD….This is merely scratching the surface of the Lord’s keeping power for His own.
      When He said, “It is finished” our eternal salvation & keeping power from the devil & the Lake of Fire was sealed in His precious blood.

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