Anaphylaxis associated with the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines: Approach to Allergy Investigation: PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)or “BREAK FLUID” in Vaccines is the Cause



Reports about cases of anaphylaxis to mRNA vaccines have created anxiety in the community and could increase vaccine hesitancy in the population. There are no standardized protocols for allergy testing to mRNA vaccines. PEG is currently the only excipient in both vaccines with recognized allergenic potential. Allergy to PEG has been reported with increasing frequency over recent years, often in patients who had repeated systemic allergic reactions/anaphylaxis to several classes of drugs before diagnosis.

Proposed protocols are based on current knowledge about potential mechanisms of anaphylaxis associated with the mRNA vaccines, and the assumption that polyethylene glycol (PEG) is the most likely culprit. Allergy testing to PEGs and mRNA vaccines is complex and carries the risk of anaphylaxis and should be conducted in a specialist drug allergy center. Appropriate PEG-free emergency medical treatment and supervision should be readily available.

Brethren, after almost 3 years, this never ceases to anger me. And what is so hard to believe is that information is out there, but the Left refuse to look or believe it if they do see it.

They would rather trust this corrupt government – they have no idea what is coming……..


2 thoughts on “Anaphylaxis associated with the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines: Approach to Allergy Investigation: PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)or “BREAK FLUID” in Vaccines is the Cause

  1. Mark V

    Sadly, not only the left. I’ve had a Christian brother accuse me of falling for propoganda and refuse to even believe the actual data from the CDC concerning Ivermectin vs. Remdesivir or adverse effects and boast how he is about to get his fifth injection. I could tell he had been deceived by the mainstream media talking points because his only knowledge of Ivermectin was that it was supposedly only horse medicine. Nevermind the 40 year history of treatment with no major side effects and on the CDC website as has been prescribed before. Oh, and Marcus Lamb died because he was a vaccine denier. I never attacked him for his choice but he surely missed the mark.

  2. Many moons ago I used DMSO (horse liniment) for aches and pains. At the time the medical establishment condemned its usage cuz it was for horseys & not people, they bellowed. However people that used it kept claiming it worked with no real side effects so I gave it a try. It worked for me for a few days but would wear off & I always stank of the stuff. It was cheaper than the local doc drugs & it helped me get my work done. Anyway this hullaballoo about Ivermectin was a false big pharma flag as well & it reminded me of their resistance to the DMSO which helped me alot. The nightly talking head recital “news” creates more side effects than Ivermectin or DMSO ever did, in my opinion.

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