Response to “Sacrificing Children to Molech” Piece

by Dale Vernon

It’s inevitable that our ever- loving government will be coming for us. Especially seniors who are sucking the life out of the economy & contributing nada. The disabled & infirm are also deemed a burden. They hafta go. 

Christians & Jews are also a big problem (again) as some are a constant thorn in the side of Globalist “progress”. If you really want to see how it all turns out, read some history. Presently observe life in China then examine how Stalin & Hitler similarly treated their citizens. The old saying ‘history ignored (ours is revised now) is doomed to repeat itself’ is here now in America & we have the dubious honor of being the worst of the worst. 

As Billy Graham once said if God doesn’t judge America for its grievous sins then God will owe Sodom & Gomorrah an apology. Our slogan “In God we trust” needs removing from our fiat money because it is a lie. America follows the Devil.

It’s too late for America but YOU can be saved. Receive Christ as your Savior before the Globalists come for you & take you away. Your demise might be delayed but then the near future mark of the beast will be required of you so you can buy or sell to feed your family. If you take the mark (666) then you are branded as an enemy of the loving Christ who died on the cross for your sins & the Lake of Fire will be your eternal domain because you never trusted Him to be your substitute for the sins you committed. 

Your sins are either 100% on you or transferred 100% on Jesus via your faith & HIS precious blood shed on the cross. You can trust in that because Jesus was the only Person who rose from the dead proving His power over death. God doesn’t grade “on the curve” or give “indulges” or extra credit for good deeds. 

Your “I am a good person” offerings for remission of your sins is considered as filthy rags & worthless before a sinless God in His Holy Court. Jesus knows who are His own because they trust Him100% & that trust must be based on the shed blood of the risen Christ…NOTHING else. 

John 3:16 says a lot about God’s forgiveness to can be a nobody..the verse says WHOSOEVER believes (trusts 100%) in Him should not perish (go to the Lake of Fire) but have eternal life. Your decision here is for eternal life or eternal damnation.

 It’s the most important one you’ll ever make.

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