I approved a comment that never should have been on the comment board. I was careless and i’m usually so careful. Tim’s brother passed away last night and I have been a mess.

I took down the article to insure that comments went with it. Whoever this person was – I believe he was a hacker. I blocked him but he kept popping back up.

So the update on Paul Pelosi has been taken down. I am sorry to my readers that this happened.


24 thoughts on “APOLOGY

  1. I agree with all the support comments. U have done all u can. He’ll probably be back but we all can be watching out as well. Another fiery dart when ur most vulnerable.

  2. Carol

    I’m very sorry for your loss. Praying for the God of all comfort, our dear Heavenly Father to comfort you and Tim. No getting around grief and it’s a necessary part of the healing process ❤️🙏

  3. Wild Olive

    Greetings from New Zealand 🇳🇿.
    Condolences for you and your family, Geri. It is so like the Adversary to kick you when you are down. Just brush it aside. Thank you for your great articles and links. I post many of them onto a NZ politics social media site. They are much appreciated.

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