By Bill Oldham

God has a calendar and He schedules His work by it.

          In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, He put His creation on a schedule. The first thing He did was to make day and night. Then He established the twenty four hour day, for the Scriptures say of the creation, “There was evening and there was morning—the first day”, and right on through the sixth day, thereby establishing a day as being a twenty four day. Genesis 1

          God further defined His creation by creating the sun, moon and stars. They were to, “Separate the day from the night, and serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years.” Genesis 1 And so, in the early chapters of Genesis, we read the genealogy  from Adam down to Noah, detailing how many years they lived, and how old they were when they fathered their first sons. It would be roughly 2500 years later when God would institute His calendar.

          It was during the days when the Lord was preparing for Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, that He established His calendar. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened; God had sent nine horrific plagues upon Egypt to persuade him to set them free, but he was not going to allow God’s chosen people to leave. So God had a final plague to cause pharaoh to change his mind—the death of the firstborn male of every family in Egypt, and also of their livestock.

          The Lord was going to bring death into Egypt on a given night; He was going to make a difference between the Egyptians and His chosen people. The Lord gave specific instructions to the Hebrews through Moses as to how their households would be spared the death of their firstborn. On a given night, each family was to kill a spotless lamb and spread its blood on the doorposts of their house. When the death angel came into Egypt, wherever it saw the blood, he would “Pass over” that house, it would be spared.

          Now it was necessary for the Hebrews to know exactly what night the death angel was coming and when they were to kill the Lamb. So the Lord established a calendar for them. He told them that this time was going to be the first month of their year and they were to kill the lamb on the fourteenth day of that month. At this time, the Lord commanded them to observe this day every year as a memorial of His mighty deliverance of them from the bondage of Egypt. It was called the feast of Passover. Exodus 12

          Later on, when God gave them His laws, He gave them some very specific feastdays to observe. The Lord told them exactly what days on the calendar they were to observe them and how many days they were to last. There were three that the Lord specified that all males were to go to Jerusalem to observe: Passover, First fruits and the feast of Ingathering or final harvest. Leviticus 23

          Close to 1500 years later, on the exact date of Passover, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, was slain on the cross, on the very day. His blood covers everyone who believes in Him and protects them from eternal death. The second feast was First fruits or Pentecost. It was to be observed exactly fifty days after Passover. Fifty days after Christ was crucified, on the very day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled 120 believers, making them the firstfruits of the body of Christ, with the promise He would indwell all who would believe in Jesus.

          It is clear that God works according to His calendar. But now, the third feast, the Ingathering, which by the way begins October 9 this year, we take note that the Lord hasn’t done anything on that day….Yet! Will He?

          “When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be GATHERED BEFORE HIM (my emphasis), and He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on His right and the goats on His left….the goats will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” Matthew 25:31-46

          On that day, will you be gathered in or culled out? On God’s calendar, He is giving you today the opportunity to believe on Jesus and become one of His sheep, will you?

Brother Bill is a Bible teacher and can be contacted at bboldham@sbcglobal.net    


Many of you watched the incredible interview on “Hope for our Times” on September 28th. Pastor Tom Hughes interviewed Alex Newman and people are saying that it might be the best interview ever on Pastor Tom’s website. In comments, many are calling for Alex to be brought back.

I will post the interview for those who missed it at the end of this piece.

Alex and his family were in Florida when Ian hit. They have been without power since then. Alex can text but not call out and he has been keeping in touch with friends via text. He told me yesterday that he picked up a nasty bug and is very sick.

I am writing this to ask the readership to please pray for Alex Newman. I believe that this is a direct attack from the evil one on his life.

Here is the video of Pastor Tom Hughes and Alex in case you missed it:

Would you please ask friends and family to pray for Alex? Also pray that whatever this sickness is, that God would heal Alex and protect his wife and children?


Beam Me Up, Lord :: By Daymond Duck

From raptureready.com

I am not a psychiatrist, but I have been told more than once that some mentally ill people think everyone else is mentally ill, and I am beginning to wonder if more and more people are mentally ill or if it is me.

  • On Sept. 19, 2022, it was reported that the Dutch city of Haarlem will consider a proposal to prohibit companies from advertising meat for sale because cattle impact the climate in a way that is harmful to the environment.
  • On Sept. 20, 2022, Stacey Abrams, Democrat candidate for Governor of Georgia, said six-week fetal heartbeats detected by ultrasound are manufactured (invented, or faked) sounds that are “designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”
  • On Sept. 21, 2022, it was reported that men attending an American Political Assoc. (APSA) conference were asked to urinate in commodes instead of urinals out of respect for women who think they are men, but they can’t urinate while standing up like biological men.
  • On Sept. 22, 2022, it was reported that Air Force cadets are being trained not to say mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc., and our leaders think this is “a warfighting imperative.”

Is mental illness spreading on earth, or is it just me (or are we witnessing a widespread increase in reprobate minds)?

Can a sane person really believe:

  • People will own nothing and be happy?
  • People will be better off eating bugs and insects?
  • People will be better off under a government that can seize their bank account if their government doesn’t like something they said, something they did, someone they voted for, etc.?
  • Drag queen shows, gender transition surgeries, and cross-sex hormones are good for children?

Beam me up, Lord. I am ready to be with sane, godly-minded people that never sin, get sick or die.

Here are some recent prophecy-related events.

One, on Sept. 20, 2022, it was reported that with more than 3 months to go, Pres. Biden has welcomed more than 2 million illegal aliens into the U.S. this year (not counting getaways).

He seems to have a double agenda:

  • Weaken America and surrender its sovereignty to the New World Order (Biden’s Build Back Better agenda; a borderless world government).
  • Increase the Hispanic population of America by many millions of people to promote the merger of the U.S., Mexico and Canada (USMCA; one of the Ten Kings).

Two, concerning hyper-inflation and the coming economic collapse during the Tribulation Period: on Sept. 21, 2022, the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve warned that inflation is still too high (even though Biden is lying to the American people or willingly ignorant of it), interest rates will keep rising, and a recession is likely on the way.

Three, concerning a 7-year covenant of peace and safety, the division of Israel, and the Battle of Armageddon: on Sept. 22, 2022, Israel’s interim Prime Min., Yair Lapid, told the UN General Assembly he endorses the Two-State Solution.

Canadian Prime Min. Trudeau tweeted, “Israelis and Palestinians living in peace, security, and dignity (peace, safety and dignity) is in everyone’s best interest.”

U.S. Pres. Biden welcomed, and agreed with, Lapid’s statement.

Lapid didn’t just ignore the Scriptures; he defied God, endangered Israel, encouraged Israel’s enemies to push harder for a worthless covenant of peace, and may have moved the world closer to the Battle of Armageddon (Joel 3:1-3).

Four, concerning hyperinflation, a global economic collapse and famine: as I understand what I read, the global energy crisis has the EU economy in shambles (and it may be what Biden and other globalists want).

Most EU banks, businesses, industry, farmers, etc., may survive this winter by curbing their activities, but some are already on the brink of collapse, and the longer this problem drags on, the worse the situation will get.

Tens of thousands of EU citizens (perhaps more) are likely to die this winter.

A large fertilizer company (BASF) in Germany is threatening to shut down over insufficient gas supplies (without enough fertilizer, food production will drop).

Farmers are threatening to shut down because of high fertilizer and fuel costs (less fertilizer will cause food prices to soar and famine to spread).

Germany has a lot of stored natural gas, but that is rapidly being depleted and will run out in a matter of weeks.

This EU crisis will impact the whole world.

Obviously, I can’t predict the future or set dates, but if this crisis keeps dragging on, the world will keep moving closer to the prophecies in Revelation chapter 6, and the cries for a world government to solve the problem will grow loud and hard to ignore.

No one knows, but the Rapture or this crisis could trigger a world government before 2030.

Globalists think they are in control, but they are not.

God’s Word will be fulfilled whether this crisis is a globalist plot or the judgment of God.

Major global problems and changes are on the horizon.

Five, on Sept. 26, 2022, a very large underwater leak was reported in the Baltic Sea on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Europe.

Seismologists in Denmark and Sweden reported powerful explosions that appeared to be explosions, not earthquakes, near where the leak occurred.

The next day, on Sept. 27, 2022, two more very large underwater leaks were reported in the Baltic Sea on Russia’s Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea to Europe.

At the time of this writing, the cause of the explosions was unclear, but Amir Tsarfati and leaders in several nations expressed the opinion that it was sabotage, but they offered no proof.

This appears to be a disaster for Europe, Russia, and the whole world.

  • For Europe because there is no hope of resuming the flow of gas through the pipeline from Russia to Europe anytime soon, and the price of gas is now surging (this means more inflation).
  • For Russia, because Russia wanted to cut a deal with Europe to resume the flow of gas in exchange for European concessions on Ukraine, but Russia has lost her bargaining chip, and concessions are now out of the question.
  • For the whole world, because the global energy shortage has just gotten worse, the price of gas has already started climbing, and it will be harder to bring inflation under control.

This appears to be an advantage for Israel.

  • Israel’s gas is now more valuable and needed more than ever.
  • Europe is more dependent on Israel than ever.

Putin is angry and threatening revenge.

Keep an eye on this because it could lead to the hook in Gog’s jaw.

Six, concerning a digital currency: on Sept. 27, 2022, the RAIR Foundation USA reported on an interview of a well-known German economist, journalist, and author named Ernst Wolff.

According to Wolff:

  • Under the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning to cause big trouble for middle class businesses and people with assets.
  • The goal is to create panic and a call for a new economic system (a CBDC, a social credit score system, etc.).
  • A person’s bank account will be like an app on their cellphone.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank carrying one’s account can withdraw taxes from the account, charge interest for keeping the account, penalize people for some of their purchases, and require people to spend their money (say in 3 weeks) or lose it.

Seven, concerning the ashes of a red heifer: on Sept. 27, 2022, it was reported that:

A plot of land that meets the requirements for an animal sacrifice has been purchased on the Mount of Olives.

A qualified red heifer could be sacrificed on the Mount of Olives as soon as 13 months from now.

It doesn’t mean the Temple will be built then, but it does mean the rabbis could have the ashes of a red heifer by then.

At this point, the five red heifers that were moved from Texas to Israel are out of quarantine, and they still meet the requirements for sacrifice.

According to Byron Stinson, the Christian rancher that raised the red heifers in Texas, Christians can support the sacrifice and rebuilding of the Temple because the blinding of the Jews will cease when the Antichrist defiles the Temple, and all Israel will hear the gospel and get saved.

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.