WEF Predicts Brain Implants in Every Person “Hand Over Your Sovereignty to the Elite or Die”

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World Economic Forum henchman Yuval Noah Harari warned humanity on Friday that if they refuse to hand their sovereignty over to the elite they will face extermination.

Speaking at the 2022 Warwick Economics Summit, Harari began by parroting the usual far-left talking points about Climate Change and urging the nations of the world to pay an extra 2 percent of their GDP per year to prevent a “catastrophic” climate event.

Later in the summit, Harari promoted the idea that people don’t need to travel to faraway islands on vacations to be happy and that they don’t need to spend money on beauty products that harm the environment to feel good-looking.

Essentially, he’s suggesting the average person give up basic things that please them in exchange for alternatives the establishment has deemed more “environmentally friendly.”

Of course, the Brad Pitts, Leonardo DiCaprios and Yuval Noah Hararis of the world will continue to fly on private jets while the lemmings are forced to stay home to help “save the Earth.”

The WEF advisor also claimed the world’s most powerful and wealthy nations are most responsible for the alleged climate crisis, failing to address the pollution created by many of the planet’s poorest countries and wealthy citizens.

Regarding America, Harari said the United States has already given up its place as a global leader, adding, “nobody is really stepping up to fill that vacuum.”

Taking advantage of America’s alleged removal as the world’s leader under Joe Biden’s “leadership,” organizations like the WEF and WHO will step in to push the planet into a global technocratic and medical dictatorship, according to Harari.

“We don’t really need a single country to be the leader. Ideally, many countries, many organizations on the grassroots level should each be contributing their ideas, their motivation towards a common project,” he said.

Hosting the discussion was CNN’s Bill Weir, who asked Harari if new technology will help humanity thrive without harming the Earth.

The Klaus Schwab minion responded to Weir by admitting technology is a “double-edged sword” that can be used to either hurt or help people.

He also warned the elite should not rely on a “Noah’s Ark”-type of technology to save them from a catastrophic global event.

Harari basically admitted the elite will hoard the technology to save themselves while the vast majority of people suffer.

“There is a very big danger that with climate change, when people talk about what our future going to be like, there is no ‘us.’ There is no ‘our future.’ Humanity might divide into a majority – maybe – of people who would suffer tremendously, and a minority that will have the resources, the wealth, [and] the technology to protect themselves, and even flourish in some kind of technological Noah’s arc. This is extremely dangerous,” he told Weir.

Later during the discussion, Harari credited “the rise of populists and ultra-nationalist parties in different parts of the world” to politicians scaring people with “fantasies that you will be replaced in a couple of decades by immigrants and foreigners.”

“Even though this is probably not true, and even though it’s in forty or fifty years and even though it’s based on complicated demographics, it’s powerful enough to catapult all kinds of ultra-nationalists and populists to power,” he explained.

While he noted he doesn’t like that “kind of politics,” Harari suggested the global establishment use populist strategies to “mobilize people around a long-term, hazy project,” in combatting climate change.

A viewer of the summit asked Harari what the globalists can do about dictators like Xi Jinping in China who may not go along with the leftist green movement.

Responding, the WEF advisor suggested citizens still have the ability to create change even in nations like China.

In closing, Harari told humanity “we don’t have a lot of time” to realign our priorities so that all inhabitants of the world can have “any kind of future,” instead of just the elite.

Of course, his solution is consolidating global power into the hands of the same elite who wish to reduce the world’s population to create a servant class.

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And now watch the WEF monster, Yuval Noah Harari asking “Why do we need so many humans?”


14 thoughts on “WEF Predicts Brain Implants in Every Person “Hand Over Your Sovereignty to the Elite or Die”

  1. Jim V.

    WEF wanted people to get brain chip in year 2027 and Agenda 2030. No thank you. WEF can have this world and we as the believers will be going home soon.

  2. robinlinaz

    There arrogance of these men is staggering. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears, it would be hard to believe.

    YNH is the most openly blasphemous person on the planet. I see him as the #1 candidate for False Prophet. His arrogance, hatred of God, narcissism, and obvious psychopathy make him the personification of evil. And he is not the least ashamed or coy about their plans. Like people observe, he says all the quiet parts out loud, so great is his confidence.

    Schwab boasts about what life will be like in 10 years, when ‘they’ run the world. HA! They really should study Revelation. Once Jesus opens the 6th Seal, even the kings and princes of the earth will be begging for the rocks to fall on them, to hide them from the wrath of the Lord.

    We are closing in on Hell on Earth and things aren’t going to unfold in an orderly way, precisely according to their plans. Much of what they visualize to take place will happen, as foretold in the Bible, but in a very violent and devastating manner, and not to their advantage. They clearly do not understand that God has the only say in the future, both the near future and eternally, and it alone prevails!

    It seems quite likely to me that the FP and AC will use ALL of these globalists to serve their agenda, and then, unwilling to share their power or their worship of AC as God, they will exterminate Schwab, Brin, Gates, Soros, KCIII, and most of the rest. (Did anyone else notice how much Brin sounds like Gates, and even uses the same gestures and mannerisms when he speaks? CREEPY!)

    It is hard to witness the monumental foolishness of these people. Yet it is the PERFECT fulfillment of what the Lord told us would come. I don’t hear as many people saying 2 Peter 3:4 “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.”

    Christians know ALL the signs are in front of us, and we should look up, because our Redeemer is calling us home, soon.

      1. robinlinaz

        Yes, of course I will! I’m sorry to hear it, so many people dying now. I hope he was a Believer and Tim has the comfort and hope of being reunited in glory… soon.

  3. I think this rascal Yuball or 8 ball or whatever this arrogant imbecile’s name is has a point. “Why do we need so many humans”? There is a need to definitely cull a small percentage of the population. I suggest this group of the culled consist of this self ordained chief of 8 balls & his fellow turkey breath, sons of hell of the WEF, Deep State, Soros, Rothchilds & all other wanna be god associates OR u all could repent turn to Jesus & just leave the rest of us alone. We can do better without you cuz we trust in the REAL ALMIGHTY GOD & He is watching & recording every devilish thought, motive & action for your future appt at the White Throne which may be sooner than u think & nip your little global conquest dream in the bud. Then onward to your new eternal home in the Lake of Fire where you WONT be happy & will own nothing except your bed of living writhing worms which will never die & a new indestructible eternal body constantly in agony as you experience being burned alive in unquenchable flames forever.

      1. Good u know Danny is in heaven. Danny & Tim will be united again in the Lord’s everlasting arms. No more sorrow, tears or devastating effects of our sin nature. REAL peace & safety await us all born again believers in heaven.
        My only bro appears not to be saved. I pray for him too. At least Tim doesn’t worry about Danny’s salvation. There’s much relief knowing that.

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