66 Year Old Retired NYPD Officer Speaks out after Sucker Punch Attack

Wait till you see these PUNKS run for their lives!!

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The retired NYPD cop who was punched in the head in an apparent “knockout game” attack in Brooklyn blasted state bail “disreform” Wednesday as he urged officials to prosecute criminals, send them to jail — and not let them out onto the streets.

Harvey Kraft, 66, said he chased the punk who clocked him because he didn’t want to give him a “free pass,” as he railed against policies making the streets less safe.

“One thing I can say to Gov. [Kathy] Hochul and the [district attorneys] are when someone gets arrested, prosecute them and send them to jail and don’t let them out on the street the next day, so someone else can be a victim,” said Kraft, who responded to 9/11 and retired in 2002.

“Who knows how many times they have done this in the past or the future unless they’re caught and sentenced and punished?”

Kraft was walking on Brighton Beach Avenue and headed to the library at about 1 p.m. Tuesday when suddenly he was blindsided with “a crack to my skull,” he said in an interview from the lobby of his Brighton Beach apartment building. Two people were with his attacker, ready to film the assault, he said.

Harvey Kraft said he chased his attackers after an apparent “knockout game” attack In Brighton Beach.

Surveillance footage showed a group of people — apparently teenagers — approach Kraft from behind laughing before one lunges at him in a broad-daylight attack he didn’t see coming.

“I turned around quickly and apparently they were trying to knock me out with that knockout game. I didn’t lose my balance or composure. I turned around and faced them and yelled at them. They all started running in different directions,” he said.

The attackers were “running for their lives” as the 66-year-old chased them, he said.

“If you don’t defend yourself, it’s giving them a free pass,” he said

“Unfortunately you need to have two sets of eyes in the front of your head and the back of your head,” Kraft said. “You have to be constantly prepared, constantly aware until this matter is under control until you have some peace of mind, which doesn’t exist in this state of the city currently — regardless of what any politician is telling you. You have to be careful.”

“When they say bail reform, I don’t agree with the concept or that word,” the ex-cop said of the controversial state criminal justice reform. “It seems like ‘disreform’ these days. You know, innocent people who are potential victims are suffering the consequences.

“I think the way it is with politics, anyone who is a victim now is just a part of collateral damage to support their agenda, which we all suffer by.”

It’s not clear bail reform has any connection to the attack. His attackers remained unidentified and at large Wednesday, according to cops.

The former cop, who worked for the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, said he soon lost his attacker. None of the group said anything in the “totally unprovoked” attack, he said.

“The one good thing is I was the victim in this case because if it was someone who wasn’t fit or more elderly, they could have been easily knocked out or fractured their skull, or who knows what else could have transpired,” Kraft said.

“I responded to hundreds and hundreds of encounters — robberies, assaults, other people who are victims — and I always felt confident that something wouldn’t happen to me, but the potential was always there.”

Harvey Kraft
Kraft is a former cop who worked for the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn.

Kraft said police showed him video of the attackers setting up to film the assault.

“I saw that they had their video cameras ready to record. They thought it would be a jokey matter to put on YouTube or get some media publicity,” he said.

“Obviously they have no morals, no conscience and they’re not afraid of any ramifications,” he said, referring to the group of teens. “It just shows the boldness of them and the arrogance and the disregard of the safety for anyone who comes across their paths.”



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  1. robinlinaz

    Lawlessness abounds, and cameras are everywhere.

    Thank the Lord this man was not seriously injured. Instead of caring for our elderly, our society is waging war against us with random attacks, and medical murder.

    Jesus is at the door, maranatha!

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