9 thoughts on “OAN: Ukraine is a ‘Manufactured War by Puppet Master, Soros’

  1. robinlinaz

    We know what is what, there are no good guys in the Ukraine/Russia war. We have known from the start, just like we knew about Covid and the jabs. The citizens in Ukraine and Russia are being grossly victimized by their “leaders”-Zelenskyy and Putin, and sadly by our “leaders”, and all the globalists.

    It looks like the agenda is going forward as planned. We are on the brink of WW3; I keep waiting for Putin to officially declare he has changed from calling it a dispute between Russia and Ukraine to war.

    And that video of Soros, how is he still alive?! He is running on fumes…I know he is still alive because he is serving God’s purposes.

    What a mess. These people have no idea what is waiting for them if they don’t repent.

  2. We know Biden has lots to protect in Ukrn & China cuz him & sonny boy are up to their eyeballs in shenanigans & selling favoritism to those who will pay the price. We’re under the impression our help is keeping Ukrn “free” & democratic..baloney cuz Putin & Zelensky are both Globalist grads majoring in future Global Grabitus.
    1st on the Globalist agenda is eliminate the USA as a sovereign country & their man OBiden is ideal for the inside job. His mandates & policies are destroying us socially & economically. He’s an empty suit but a good globalist rubber stamper.
    Biden has no conscience, so we pay the bill for the Ukrn’s weapons cache & whatever “Z” man wants he seems to get. China likes Putin & so they are in cahoots. In my opinion it’s more of a clash of titans sponsored by power hungry demonically inspired “leaders” who wish to be the ultimate victor thereby proving their worth to the devil’s committee on world conquest. They don’t care one whit about the human carnage. Also Biden will bankrupt the USA thereby fulfilling one of the aims of this whole tragic debacle. We know for sure Biden & son are crooks, Biden is for Biden only, we the people are his suckers. It’s a mess for sure but believe it or not God is still in control. Jesus can’t be far off. He’s probably gazing intently at the Father for permission to bring us home.
    If you’re not saved you will die in your sins & be written out of the Lamb’s Book of Life. The final words you will hear from the Savior who personally died to take your sins because He loved you so much & wanted you to live with Him forever..His final words to you on Judgement Day at the White Throne will eternally ring in your ears as you are cast into the lake of fire with the devil & his angels. Those words will be “Depart from Me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.” Read John’s Gospel in the Bible & discover the Lord & Savior who alone has the free gift of salvation. Right now as you read this He is knocking at the door of your heart waiting patiently for you to invite Him in.

  3. Yvonne Renee Knickerbocker

    Of course that’s what it is. It was obvious from the very start that was the next step in their “great reset.” I just can’t quite figure out if all the constant changes are part of the plan or if there are simply “too many cooks” spoiling the masterpiece (or rather master plan).

    1. robinlinaz

      Since we know that Satan is the author of confusion, my guess it there are “too many cooks.” It’s a preview of the chaos of the Tribulation, there is no way it will afford any “peace and safety” regardless of what the AC promises. He’s the consummate liar. God isn’t going to allow him in his short reign to do anything but bring misery, death and despair.

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