Judicial Watch releases bombshell documents exposing deep state’s involvement with media in the biggest propaganda campaign in history

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‘It seems as if the entire entertainment industry was an agent for the government’

If you felt pressure to “get vaccinated” and now regret it, don’t feel bad. 

If you never saw the need to get “vaccinated,” or if you, like myself, felt an overwhelming sense that you would never get vaccinated no matter what new incentive or high-pressure tactic the globalist predators rolled out, then congratulate yourself. 

Because now, thanks to reams of new information obtained by the public-interest group Judicial Watch, we know that those who resisted the vaxx resisted the biggest, most expensive, most comprehensive global propaganda campaign in world history. I can’t imagine what would even come in as a close second in terms of the scope of this operation. This was a technocratic full-court press.

Judicial Watch announced in an October 4 press release that it has received 249 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services detailing the extensive media plans for a propaganda campaign to push the COVID-19 vaccine.

The records were received in response to an August 2021 Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed after HHS failed to respond to an April 19, 2021, request for records related to the Biden HHS’s “COVID-19 Community Corps” and “trusted messenger” program (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services No. 1:22-cv-02315).

Judicial Watch asked for all records pertaining to the application process; all organizations asking to be chosen to participate; all grants; and all communications of representatives of HHS regarding the program.

What they uncovered was astonishing. 

“These records show a disturbing and massive campaign by the Biden administration to propagandize and politicize the controversial COVID vaccine,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It seems as if the entire entertainment industry was an agent for the government!”

The newly released records include a document titled “PEC [Public Education Campaign] Plan,” which includes the following media plans and action items under the so-called Major [Public Education] Projects starting in April 2021 and continuing through the end of May:

  • Vaccine engagement package to all entertainment talent and management agencies
  • Vaccine engagement package to all media companies and show producers
  • Outreach to major culture event producers
  • Outreach with WCDT [likely We Can Do This] brand and engagement ideas to major businesses and associations
  • Launch Community Corps Business Chapter
  • Start celebrity Share the Mics
  • Late night hosts vaccination video (POTUS)

Additional Ideas to be Considered

Digital Media

  • Produce HHS question-and-answer videos featuring local Black doctors discussing the vaccines, how they work, and why the public should get vaccinated
  • Request that Tom Brady create a video with his parents encouraging vaccination (his parents had COVID last year and he has talked about their tough recovery).
  • Create custom partnerships with the social media platforms with algorithms to hit the audience.
  • Launch Hollywood comedy writers video content.


  • Work with YouTube on an original special about vaccinations targeted to young people (similar to the YouTube’s Dear Call of 2020 special).
  • Work with Instagram to produce a series about vaccines for @Instagram (the largest social media account in the world, 387 million followers). Feature young creators doing in-depth pieces about young people’s questions. Request a Stories Highlight on Vaccines on @Instagram to stay on the account through 2021.
  • Request major TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram influencers to create videos of themselves being vaccinated and start a special campaign of funny and/or musical videos about being vaccinated to encourage others to create content and post.

Earned Media

  • Request a vaccination special on Christian Broadcasting Network featuring Evangelical leaders.
  • Request that the major live TV entertainment shows feature hosts being vaccinated on air (ex: the hosts of The Voice).
  • Request that the TV morning and daytime talk shows feature special vaccination reunion moments with everyday Americans talking about what this means to them (ex: hugging grandma for the first time).
  • Convene an editorial meeting with the publishers of Catholic newspapers and newsletters across the country (ex: America Magazine, Florida Catholic, The Catholic Spirit, The Tablet).
  • Dr. Jill Biden interview with Chip and Joanna Gaines for Magnolia.
  • Request vaccination specials with BET, The Undefeated, Desus & Mero, Sneaker Shopper, Hot Ones.
  • Request a vaccination special with Christian Broadcasting, Netflix and Evangelical leaders.
  • Place a trusted messenger on the Joe Rogan Show and Barstool Sports to promote vaccination (work with outside expert to identify who will be most effective).

The documents uncovered partnerships with all manner of sports leagues and media networks:

  • Work with the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, CMA to request they create content with their talent and release through their broadcast and social channels.  Also create a Share the Mic program where the talent elevates public health voices.
  • Work with all major sports leagues to send vaccination information to ticket holders.
  • Work with ESPN for hosts to provide vaccination information.
  • Partner with Disneyland Parks for vaccination events when the amusement parks reopen.
  • Work with the Hollywood guilds to work vaccination messaging into scripted and reality TV shows (ex: Writers Guild, Directors Guild.)

These documents confirm everything we have reported at LeoHohmann.com dating back to 2020 about Covid being a psychological operation whose end goal was to inject every man, woman and child with an experimental mRNA gene-therapy treatment, the full effects of which will not be known for years afterward in terms of loss of life and human health.

On a more immediate level, the reason for the unprecedented push had nothing to do with health and everything to do with using the fear mongering over a “virus” to get people to accept intrusive and invasive new tracking apps. Digital health passports on people’s phones showing their vaccine status could not have been imagined pre-Covid. Now, it’s a thing, and we should expect another big push to implement these techno-tracking devices after the next big crisis, at which time it will be mated with the impending new digital monetary system.

The incessant pressure to “get vaccinated” coming through all institutional and cultural channels was not a surprise to our readers. Why? Because we reported in April 2020 how the globalists had met on October 19, 2019, two months before anyone had heard of Covid-19, and planned it all out in a tabletop exercise called Event 201. The CIA, the CDC, the major media/social media, the Gates Foundation and the Chinese CDC all had representatives there at Event 201 in New York City. 

The CIA’s representative at Event 201 was Avril Haines, a deep-state operative from way back who went on to become Joe Biden’s director of national intelligence, a position she holds to this day. Participants at Event 201 engaged in discussions about the need to recruit “trusted” messengers, such as religious and business leaders, to pitch vaccines at the community level.

Through its FOIA lawsuit against the federal government, Judicial Watch also uncovered the following information:

  • Recently, NIH records revealed an FBI “inquiry” into the NIH’s controversial bat coronavirus grant tied to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The records also show National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) officials were concerned about “gain-of-function” research in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2016. The Fauci agency was also concerned about EcoHealth Alliance’s lack of compliance with reporting rules and use of gain-of-function research in the NIH-funded research involving bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, China.
  • HHS records revealed that from 2014 to 2019, $826,277 was given to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for bat coronavirus research by the NIAID.
  • NIAID records showed that it gave nine China-related grants to EcoHealth Alliance to research coronavirus emergence in bats and was the NIH’s top issuer of grants to the Wuhan lab itself. The records also included an email from the vice director of the Wuhan Lab asking an NIH official for help finding disinfectants for decontamination of airtight suits and indoor surfaces.
  • HHS records included an “urgent for Dr. Fauci ” email chain, citing ties between the Wuhan lab and the taxpayer-funded EcoHealth Alliance. The government emails also reported that the foundation of U.S. billionaire Bill Gates worked closely with the Chinese government to pave the way for Chinese-produced medications to be sold outside China and help “raise China’s voice of governance by placing representatives from China on important international counsels as high level commitment from China.”
  • HHS records included a grant application for research involving the coronavirus that appears to describe “gain-of-function” research involving RNA extractions from bats, experiments on viruses, attempts to develop a chimeric virus and efforts to genetically manipulate the full-length bat SARSr-CoV WIV1 strain molecular clone.
  • HHS records showed the State Department and NIAID knew immediately in January 2020 that China was withholding COVID data, which was hindering risk assessment and response by public health officials.
  • University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) records show the former director of the Galveston National Laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Dr. James W. Le Duc warned Chinese researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology of potential investigations into the COVID issue by Congress.
  • HHS records regarding biodistribution studies and related data for the COVID-19 vaccines show a key component of the vaccines developed by Pfizer/BioNTech, lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), were found outside the injection site, mainly the liver, adrenal glands, spleen and ovaries of test animals, eight to 48 hours after injection.
  • Records from the Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) reveal safety lapses and violations at U.S. biosafety laboratories that conduct research on dangerous agents and toxins.
  • HHS records include emails between National Institutes of Health (NIH) then-Director Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci, the director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), about hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19.
  • HHS records show that NIH officials tailored confidentiality forms to China’s terms and that the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted an unreleased, “strictly confidential” COVID-19 epidemiological analysis in January 2020.
  • Fauci emails include his approval of a press release supportive of China’s response to the 2019 novel coronavirus.

There is more in these documents that we will break down in the days ahead. Stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “Judicial Watch releases bombshell documents exposing deep state’s involvement with media in the biggest propaganda campaign in history

  1. Annette Genovesi

    Well well. Nothing like the fresh breath of truth. I think everyone should get to read this. All over the world. We need to play catch up with getting the truth out on this terrible scam. Thank you for an amazing article.

  2. robinlinaz

    To those of us with discernment and who have been paying close attention to C-19 and Agenda 2030, we knew what they were doing from the start. Even before the start.

    I never watch network TV in my home, and I do mean never (and rarely watch any other programming except old movies, and some Christian movies such as Risen, Paul the Apostle of Christ and the like). When staying with my mom, who watches tv throughout the day, the propaganda was 24/7; I mean it never let up. Every single commercial was about getting the jab, every one, national, local, all the time. It was infuriating and disgusting. If you had two brain cells it was OBVIOUS what was underway.

    I am particularly angry with the so-called “Christian community” and their part in promoting the poison. I have stopped, and will never resume, any support for all of those who participated in calling (actually demanding and shaming) Christians to take the shot. The world is one thing, but faithful, Holy Spirit-filled Believers are quite another, and in my estimation are to be held to a much higher standard. Sheep and goats.

    The whole intent of C-19 and the jabs was to steal, kill and destroy and that has been accomplished. Our government and medical community, along with Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Entertainment and Big Religion, with malice aforethought, stole our freedoms, our children’s childhoods and our confidence in medical care; they have already injured and killed tens of millions of people and we are no where close to finished; and they destroyed our businesses, our Constitution, and by extreme division, our relationships, and trust in and love for one another. Additionally it is clearly proven that most people who have taken even one shot are on an accelerated track to death and will be gone in 5 years or less.

    Any confidence we placed in so-called national and global leaders, organizations, people and institutions has been shattered. The facade has been utterly smashed and the masks are torn off; our personal and national idolatries are exposed. What we are left with is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as it should have always been.

    The bright spot in all of this wickedness and corruption is that for those with ears to hear and eyes to see, we know this means Jesus is coming soon. There is no escape from the wrath to come except through the grace and provisions He has made for His own children, the Church.

    The Lord Jesus is 100% trustworthy and He told us in Revelation 3:10…”Because you have kept My command to persevere, I will also keep you from the hour of testing that is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.”


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