Why Secular Jews are SO Dangerous – I’m a Jew so I can say this) They are Extremely Intelligent but are on the WRONG SIDE

I love Caroline Glick. Have you watched her or read her column?

She is a Conservative Jew who lives in Israel but has dual citizenship with the U.S. She has her finger on the pulse of Israel – especially as she watches the many elections which ultimately placed liberals in charge and ousted Netanyahu.

Here is her website https://carolineglick.com Caroline also writes for numerous news sites i.e Israel Hayom, Breitbart News, The Jerusalem Post, and Maariv. 

If you want news about Israel and the Middle East – Caroline is your girl. She doesn’t pull any punches when she speaks of the Secular Jews in America but also in Israel.

I do believe that my people are highly intelligent (in general) and as I stated in the title, the Secular ones can be the worst enemies of Christians and of practicing Jews. Think New York Times. Plenty of self-hating Jews there.

I grew up in a Secular Jewish family. When I was saved in 1983, I could not reconcile the Liberal views of Secular Jews with what I was reading in God’s Word. When my mom found out that I believed in Jesus, she told me that it was much worse for her to know that she gave birth to a Republican!

Here is Caroline speaking of the impact that Secular Jews make on our world:




5 thoughts on “Why Secular Jews are SO Dangerous – I’m a Jew so I can say this) They are Extremely Intelligent but are on the WRONG SIDE

  1. robinlinaz

    I know many secular Jews as well, most are Americans.

    When I visited Israel on a church mission 3 years ago, I was surprised/disappointed by how many Jews were secular; the vast majority, for sure. I thought, “How could these people be the recipients of God’s most obvious gift of giving them back their country, to become a sovereign nation after 1900 years, and yet they still ignore or disdain him?!”

    During our visit, our group had Shabbat dinner with a religious Jewish family in Israel. Between that experience and the private meeting with a top political figure who is also a Rabbi, our mission group could clearly see the oppressive legalism they have subjected themselves to. It was very hard to witness.

    The promise that Jesus will restore a remnant of Israel to Himself demonstrates just how patient and trustworthy God is when He makes a unilateral covenant, regardless of how far we have strayed.

    We can hold on to Jesus’s promises to the Church and the wonderful future we have when Our Lord comes for us….hopefully soon!


  2. Carol

    Seems to me after listening to this is that just like you have Christians in name only, you have Jews in name only, it’s the heart that matters. And yes let’s keep fighting the good fight of faith in hopes that people will wake up and join the fight against all the lies so prevalent in our world

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