Why Secular Jews are SO Dangerous – I’m a Jew so I can say this) They are Extremely Intelligent but are on the WRONG SIDE

I love Caroline Glick. Have you watched her or read her column?

She is a Conservative Jew who lives in Israel but has dual citizenship with the U.S. She has her finger on the pulse of Israel – especially as she watches the many elections which ultimately placed liberals in charge and ousted Netanyahu.

Here is her website https://carolineglick.com Caroline also writes for numerous news sites i.e Israel Hayom, Breitbart News, The Jerusalem Post, and Maariv. 

If you want news about Israel and the Middle East – Caroline is your girl. She doesn’t pull any punches when she speaks of the Secular Jews in America but also in Israel.

I do believe that my people are highly intelligent (in general) and as I stated in the title, the Secular ones can be the worst enemies of Christians and of practicing Jews. Think New York Times. Plenty of self-hating Jews there.

I grew up in a Secular Jewish family. When I was saved in 1983, I could not reconcile the Liberal views of Secular Jews with what I was reading in God’s Word. When my mom found out that I believed in Jesus, she told me that it was much worse for her to know that she gave birth to a Republican!

Here is Caroline speaking of the impact that Secular Jews make on our world:




Always Enlightening and Fact Based: Here is CAROLINE GLICK on Biden’s Trip to the Middle East and the Left’s Bias Against ISRAEL

FROM Carolineglick.com

Do you remember during the Obama Regime when BHO closed the door on Bibi as he said he was going to eat dinner? The LEFT = SATANIC



Time to Help Iranians to Overthrow Their REGIME by Caroline Glick

From carolineglick.com

I’ve been a bit late in posting my articles and podcasts. Apologies, sometimes things get bolluxed up!

In Episode 57 of the Caroline Glick Mideast News Hour I spoke with my friend, Cameron Khansarinia, the Executive Director of the National Union for Democracy in Iran. I spoke with Cameron from the Center for Security Policy in Washington last summer about the mass protests throughout Iran against the regime. And last week, I decided it was time to revisit the issue of the ongoing movement of Iranians to bring down the tyranical regime in Tehran that is perfectly happy to watch its people starve to death to advance the cause of the Islamic jihad worldwide.

For the past month Iranians from all ethnicities and walks of life have again taken to the street. And as in last year’s demonstrations, they have been met with silence from the Biden administration and the Democrats who don’t care about the Iranian people. They just want to give the regime billions of dollars in sanctions relief and call it nuclear non-proliferation.

Cameron and I discussed the protests, and the U.S.’s indifference. We also considered the regime’s cruelty towards its own people as it races towards the nuclear finish line and spreads terror throughout the region and the world.

Finally, we discussed what normal citizens in the U.S., Israel and throughout the world can do to help bring down the most dangerous regime in the world.

As always, I agree with Caroline Click in this matter. The Iranian people have been under the tyrannical thumb of Iran’s insane Islamist government for too long.

Now they are aware that their country is threatening the world with its nuclear capabilities – especially Israel. Pray that the people can pull down this government and establish one which is not a threat to the world!



Caroline Glick: “Where Were Hamas Rockets on Jerusalem Day?”

In this week’s episode I was reunited with my erstwhile co-host Gadi Taub. We discussed the successful Flag Parade in Jerusalem in the context of the Muslim Brotherhood dominated Israeli government, and the previous Netanyahu-led government’s decision to cancel last year’s parade in the face of mass Arab Israeli violence and Hamas’s missile offensive.

We discussed the increasingly palpable atmosphere of rebellion among Arab Israelis in the face of Israel’s elites who refuse to defend the country. As Gadi put it, “If you look at the project of the new elects, what they really mean when they say ‘populism’ is hat they hate the populace. That’s the heart of it.”

From the threat of Israeli Arab rebellion and the betrayal of Israel’s elites, we moved to the state of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ongoing trial for bribery. Over the past six months, the prosecution has brought some 15 witnesses to the stand to make its case that Netanyahu received bribes for regulatory favors. First the claim of bribery fell apart. And over the past month, the claim that he provided regulatory favors has fallen apart. We summarized the state of play in the trial and what now hangs in the balance for Israeli democracy and the criminal justice system.