1. I have to agree with our government, “we are in transition” as in “down the tube”. Remember back when Obummer was a candidate & said he would “transform America”? Everyone cheered that.
    Nobody asked transform into what? The hot shot election pundit experts all agreed OBummer had no foreign policy. Good talking point but it was ignored. No problem, ez come ez go, I guess. What me worry? says Alfred E Neuman.
    Ahh I see Deep State thinking caps were being worn that nite & still are today. Our govt & media consists of nothing more than high salaried globalist lackies working like the trained seals they really are at the beck & call of the WEF, Soros & his fellow atheistic commies. The taxpayer’s existence is to provide the funds & peasant power which benefit the cabal’s takeover & ruination of everything we hold dear. I Remember when govt employees were “public servants”. The govt by the people & for the people doesn’t exist anymore. It’s govt by the globalists & for the globalists. Someone said “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”…good advice…Stay close to the Lord Jesus. He offers real hope & a wonderful future not the globalist baloney so thin u can see thru it.

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