Covid “Vaccine” News: Vaccinators Are Getting Desperate, The Fraud Will Not Stay Hidden: But Many Heads Remain Hidden in the Sand

It shocks me that the truth about the Jabs has not only stayed hidden, but that people are fully trusting the government/globalists/eugenicists lock stock and barrel.

This whole debacle is definitely a foreshadowing of the mark of the beast. I have seen Christian families getting triple jabbed and boosted and they are oh so proud of themselves.

I think that there is something very wrong in their minds, hearts and spirits! If they are truly Christians, they have the Holy Spirit to lead them in all truth.

If you missed this article from yesterday – you really should read it:



Australian deaths continue to mount up, 15% of American adults are diagnosed with a new condition post-covid injection, German Hospital Federation demands withdrawal of vaccination mandate, Covid vaccine-induced infertility,  propagandists market Novavax as “herbal” medicine, inaccurate population size presents a problem for Irish agencies which produce coronavirus statistics, essential issues to consider before you vaccinate your child, more than 40% of parents in the USA say they will “Definitely Not” vaccinate their child and more.

As in our previous articles, there are so many revelations about Covid injections, the so-called “vaccines,” that it is not possible to collate or summarise them all.  Below are a few selected articles published over the past few days. But first, to set the scene, a brief overview at how various highly vaccinated countries are faring according to graphs provided by Our World in Data.

As of 27 July 2022, according to Our World in Data, the UK had the highest number of hospitalisations with Covid, then, ranked by the number of patients per million, Australia, Canada, Ireland, United States, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Germany has the highest number of patients in ICU with Covid and Australia currently has the highest number of Covid deaths.

Daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people 7-day rolling average. Due to varying protocols and challenges in the attribution of the cause of death, the number of confirmed deaths may not accurately represent the true number of deaths caused by COVID-19.

Australian Excess Deaths Continue to Mount Up

After 2 years of radical and experimental mandatory public health policy to strive for “zero covid at all costs (but we’re not paying, obv)”…. Australia is now running at 15,572 excess deaths for the year above baseline (9% higher) and 8,308 excess deaths above the 5-year range.

As of today, Australia is over 96% vaccinated (adults, i.e., those at risk of dying), and there are over 100 people a week listed as dying of Covid – and rising – making a mockery of those false promises made in 2021.

Remember, many public health “experts” and decision-makers have not treated a real patient in years. This democidal disaster is the result of giving them absolute power over individual rights “for your safety”. If this power is not removed from them and given back to the individual it is safe to assume that we can expect more of the same.

Read more: Arkmedic’s blog, 29 July 2022

15% of American Adults Diagnosed with New Condition After Covid Vaccine, Zogby Survey Finds

More than two years after Operation Warp Speed began, Children’s Health Defensecommissioned John Zogby Strategies to conduct two surveys about attitudes and the overall health of American adults.

Of those receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, 15% say they’ve been diagnosed by a medical practitioner with a new condition within a matter of weeks to several months after taking the vaccine.

A follow-up question provided a list of medical conditions and asked diagnosed respondents to “select all that apply.” Among those who were medically diagnosed with a new condition within a matter of weeks to several months after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, the top five cited conditions were:

  • 21% blood clots
  • 19% heart attack
  • 18% liver damage
  • 17% leg clots/lung clots
  • 15% stroke

Read more: The Defender, 28 July 2022

German Hospital Federation Demands Withdrawal of Vaccination Mandate After Massive Side Effects Revealed

Less than a week after the German Ministry of Health admitted that 1 in 5,000 Covid shots lead to serious side effects, the German hospital federation calls for the vaccination obligation for healthcare personnel to be revoked. “It is not wise to continue with it.”

Read more: RAIR Foundation USA, 29 July 2022

Covid Vaccine-Induced Infertility? Every Man and Woman Should Be Concerned

In an interview with Blaze TV, Dr. Peter McCullough approached this subject head-on. Listen to what he has to say. Firstly, about men:

“There’s a range of sperm count and motility. Those men who are at the lower range, clearly with vaccination, they’re going to be brought into the infertile range. And it takes months and months and months to recover. So just by the time they recover, they take a mandated booster — they go back into the infertile range. I can tell you, as a medical doctor, every man should be concerned.”

But perhaps more concerning than what happens to men, what about the effects on women’s ovaries and their eggs?

“Now importantly, female ovaries have a set number of eggs from birth. So as the genetic code is installed into ovarian cells, and the spike protein is produced in the ovary, not only is it triggering irregularities in menses but almost certainly is causing death and destruction of those precious ovarian cells. Those eggs. Eggs are being destroyed, and so, on a more probable than not basis, one would conclude with serial injections every six months, women could be rendered infertile.”

Read more: The Vigilant Fox, 28 July 2022

Propagandists now try to position Covid vaccine “Novavax” as HERBAL medicine after realizing public has lost all faith in deceptive pharmaceutical industry

Oh, the lengths the vaccine industrial complex will go to “sell” Americans on getting injected with experimental, toxic prions for the ultimate scamdemic, the Wuhan Flu. As of late, Novavax has created a fourth Fauci-Flu jab that incorporates tree bark and moth cells, clearly trying to make the vaccine sound “natural” which is stupid, because you don’t go around INJECTING tree sap into your blood.

This is just a sinister attempt at trying to make experimental Covid vaccines sound like they are herbal medicine. What a joke. Realizing nobody trusts Bill Gates/CCP death jabs anymore, and since people do trust NATURAL medicine, Novovax is trying to position their new virus stab as “herbal.” One major problem. In herbal medicine, we don’t INJECT herbs into our blood. Nice try pharma goons.

Read more: NewsTarget, 27 July 2022

Dublin’s Battle of the Boosters

The preliminary Irish census results have brought with them a problem. Specifically, a problem for government agencies which produce coronavirus statistics. Ireland, it would seem, has 5.1 million people living within its borders. A sizeable population increase from the last time round in 2016.

As a result, anoraks crunching the Irish vaccination rate numbers have had to update their modelling so to speak – as most previous vaxxed numbers were based on the 2016 census figures. A population figure that is about 350,000 less than the actual number of humans living in the country in 2022. This can only but have a detrimental effect on previously accepted overall vaccination rates.

Read more: The West’s Awake, 29 July 2022

New paper suggests Covid mRNA vaccination rates are linked to increases in overall deaths

Higher use of Covid mRNA shots correlates with a small but notable increase in all-cause mortality, according to a new paper from a Dutch researcher.

Like many other European countries with high vaccination rates, the Netherlands has had high all-cause mortality for most of the last year, even when Covid deaths are excluded.

The finding in the new paper is particularly striking because the Netherlands has very high Covid vaccination levels nationally, so the differences between cities are relatively small. Almost every city had vaccination rates between 70 and 90 per cent – mostly mRNA shots from Pfizer and Moderna, along with some DNA/AAV vaccines.

As the paper explains, the pattern does not prove that vaccinations caused those deaths, merely that the correlation exists.

Read more: Alex Berenson, 28 July 2022

The Immunisation Fraud – Part 5, Use of the Wrong Vaccine Culture

With the covid shot, they definitely have it wrong. The original Wuhan spike protein has been mutated by our bodies into numerous identifiable strains. So, they keep on insisting on injecting you with mRNA that makes something similar to the original Wuhan spike protein. Besides the fact that it results in the production of a worthless antibody, there are several other consequences to doing this.

Firstly, it can result in ADE or Antibody-Dependent Enhancement. Since the antibody created by the shot will no longer tightly bind to the spike protein, other exposed parts of the antibody can attach to CD32 receptor sites on cells of your immune system and allow the virus to infect them. That’s how the virus associated with AIDS worked, it infected cells of the immune system. That’s why they called it AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). It made your immune system deficient, acquired from a specific viral infection. So, now we have VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Secondly, since the antibody created by the shot is now the wrong antibody, infections of variants will occur in people who got the shot. This is because the T-cells that recognise proteins on the virus got re-trained to recognize only the original single spike protein, and that protein no longer exists in nature.

Read more: Dr. Kevin Stillwagon, 28 July 2022

My Fox News.Com Op-Ed on The President’s Vaccine Failure

The vaccinators are now down to their last narrative supporting the vaccines as below (not the one about the vaccinated going to heaven, the one above that).

The “vaccine knowledgeable” minority of the public is small, but the data contradicting this narrative is immense. The U.S is the only country with “official” data to support this assertion, however, that data has been so covertly manipulated, that almost none of the general public or health system providers are aware of the manipulation nor how it was accomplished.

Read more: Dr. Pierre Kory, 28 July 2022
More Than Four in Ten Parents of Children Under 5 Eligible For The Vaccine Say They Will “Definitely Not” Vaccinate Their Child For Covid-19

American parents are telling the government, shove your vaccine, not in my kids!
“When asked in their own words for the main reason why they will not vaccinate their eligible child under 5 “right away,” parents cite concerns about the newness of the vaccine and not enough testing or research, concerns over side effects, and worries over the overall safety of the vaccines.”
Read more: KFF Covid-19 Vaccine Monitor, 26 July 2022

Before You Vaccinate Your Child, Consider Five Essential Issues

“Everyone has blinders to vaccine injury,” Dr. Syed Haider told investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer. “Patients think they drew the one-in-a-million short straw.”

A small minority of 223 million fully vaccinated Americans have reported serious vaccine reactions. But available figures, from a system prone to vast CDC-acknowledged underreporting, show their ranks are large. As of July 15, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS, received more than 1.3 million reports of covid vaccine injury, including 29,635 deaths.

The risks of childhood covid-19 vaccination need to be weighed against the benefits. Pfeiffer’s compilation, necessarily succinct, attempts to do that. Click the links. Consider why and why not. Do what has been discouraged: Think it through. 

Read more: Mary Beth Pfeiffer, 28 July 2022


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23 thoughts on “Covid “Vaccine” News: Vaccinators Are Getting Desperate, The Fraud Will Not Stay Hidden: But Many Heads Remain Hidden in the Sand

  1. They are proud to have the vaccines and proud to die and give up their country in the process. Let them go! God told me in December 2019 what was happening. I never put on a mask and I never got jabbed and I went everywhere and fought for my rights. I refused to go to a doctor until this year and still will not wear a mask! I know better! Yes God does tell his people and apparently “they are not his people? We must let “them go. I attended a city Council meeting and testified. The council did not budge on abortion rights in Spokane Washington. The council hall was packed to fire limit, a greater majority denying abortion. Counsel did not care because we don’t vote for them anymore. I believe they are installed. This is a test And a sad Time in history.

  2. Mark V

    Because of the damage to the T-cells, many cancers and other diseases will increase and not blamed on the death shot.

  3. saintsnotaints

    Opinion based on peer reviewed scientific medical papers; brief old thing first. Many yrs ago barcodes were put on products and factorys tooled up and it went fast. But there was a time lag before readers of those barcodes were in all stores. Thus for a short space barcodes in products were not universally used yet. A system needs time to set up before fully functional. Thats one of many reasons evolution is beyond stupid, as so lucky the heart and lungs and liver and brain and so on evolved at same rate all in a moment- thats creation! But back on track – barcode first- readers second- then system activation.
    The very first jab is the barcode. The readers not yet activsted but soon will be. One jab all alone is the mark of the beast. Soon all will agree though they dont now and will weep and knash teeth. Yes like most, ive lost some family to the mark. Its sad but my concern is those unjabbed stay so.

    1. How can the first Jab be the mark of the beast when AC has not yet been revealed? You must not think that this is a “man.” Perhaps you think that the Antichrist is a world system? the Bible clearly calls him “he.”

      1. saintsnotaints

        Honestly think this notion that the antichrist must come first is part of the pretrib dogma. The antichrist only has 42 months to reign and maybe that even gets cut short some believe. The antichrist isnt going to spend his limited reign jabbing people. He wants all set up ready to go so his reign is full at the getgo. The sort of jab readers or quantum computer interface is not even turned on yet. When its turned on, all living jabbed will become bio-synthetic robots instantly, the borg. I suspect it gets turned on the day antichrist starts his reign.we all believe what we believe but i think the pretrib rapture theory is the most heinous destructive ideoligy to souls out there. The timing belief in itself is not a problem. No sin to be ready early. The evil is the false beliefs and scripture twisting to make the timing seem correct. The timing itself is no big deal all alone. Anyone that can clear their head and just read the whole bible taking all verses together with out leaving some out will see exactly what im presenting.
        In scripture is only 3 verses that mention noah or son of man(Jesus) in belly of a whale or bowels of the earth. Two verses say three days. One verse says three days & three nights. All 3 are correct but one gives more detail. You need all 3 to get correct full picture. With only less detailed 2 verses it can be twisted into 3 days & 2 nights. I once caught a friend pastor skipping one of the verses to back something else he was presenting. Its fraud what he did. He did after being obstinate own up and repented. This pastor was like my brother. I lived him and hes gone home. Scripture has the truth but many many dont find it as they ignore any verse that doesnt match their doctrine. Many are innocently led astray by them.

      2. We don’t understand much of Bible Prophecy. But this I do know: God’s timing is PERFECT and HE has the last Word. I Trust Him implicitly to bring about His Will. Many will be so shocked and surprised when prophecy is fulfilled BUT NOT the way men/women were so sure it would be. On the other hand, the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ by which men/women are saved is so clear and easy to understand – even a child has no confusion about what it means to be saved. THAT is the most important part of Scripture.

      3. Jim V.

        You are right about Antichrist. Some people don’t understand the Bible and prophecy.

        Geri, help me understand, why, why nobody, the lawyers, good guys, doctors, etc aren’t doing anything to STOP this madness about the vaccination death? Beyond my mind. I know stupid question. This is scary and NOBODY said anything about this agenda.

        I’m seeing and hearing more and more bad guys and evil guys are winning and good people and Christian people are losing and dead. I know God is in control. My heart is heavy.

        How much longer we go on? The globalist aren’t finished with their agenda and I believe more people are going to suffering and die. Food storages, gas, cost of living, people dying, people sick/injured, high crime, etc. This world is so bad and evil. It will never be the normal again.

        We are entering the first day of August tomorrow. Summer is almost over soon. I pray we will be raptured this year. I’m telling you Geri, it is getting worse if we are not raptured this year. I am be honest with you, I’m little bit scare. I have never been so scared in my life. This is too much for me and I’m sure million others are feeling same way.

        God bless.

      4. Jim, Jesus warned us of the horrific things which must happen, but the end is not yet. Satan is raging like never before. He knows that his days are numbered. He wants to bring as many down with him as he can.

        JESUS wants you to fully trust Him and to not fear. When I am feeling anxious, I say Jesus Jesus Jesus over and over. Just saying His name calms me. Remember when Jesus was in the Garden praying and asking His Father if the cup could pass Him, -BUT- not His will but His Father’s will be done. He was agonizing. An angel came to comfort Him. I believe that the angel was telling Jesus about the Glory which would come after His crucifixion. The suffering could not begin to compare to the Glory which would be revealed!! Keep your eyes on Him…….ALWAYS!! JESUS JESUS JESUS

      5. saintsnotaints

        Yes. One jab no salvation! I have a knack to accept reality even if it really sucks. Many called few chosen. In battle you have to accept the losses and do ones best to prevent more losses. One of my wifes sisters who is a doctor said on the phone that she thinks its the mark. One week later she took the jab to preserve her 150,000 dollar salary as no jab no medicare patients paid for thus job ends. She knew! But chose income of now over salvation and eternity later. No different than esau selling birthright for a meal. Be it to travel or whatever. Total vanity. She could have lost her house and moved to florida and started over a lower doctor pay. So what for ones soul. Where ones treasure is now is difference of salvation or not. Hope to not be so tested but will give up my life before a jab as my treasure is fully in heaven and not on a fence between two sides.trying to be on fire hot and not luke warm. All these known verses are not internalized now and put in action. Its very sad indeed.

      6. Do you know that Amir Tsarfati told his many thousands of followers that the Jab was fine and that everyone should get it. Does that mean that Amir is not saved?

      7. saintsnotaints

        What does believe mean? The devil & the demons believe in Jesus and tremble at hearing Jesus name. So when a person believes in Jesus , at that point they are where the devil is. Belief is a necessary first step to go to the next step. The devil dont go another step but we can.
        Problem is the meaning of believe has been watered down to only mean know who you are.
        Believe used to mean action. Believe in
        country one serves it. Believe in your spouse one treasures the spouse with action. Believe in ones work puts forth effort.
        Salvation is like a job to a homeless pennyless person. Get the job and now the work begins. Salvation means time to work. Its the start not the end. Works save no one but saved people have works or are not saved. Believe in Jesus must have action. Hope the point comes across presented kinda too brief.

      8. I’m sorry but I am not understanding the logic here……..We have to be SO careful to not bend and stretch Scripture to meet an end or belief. We must find out what GOD means by His Word and always pray for His Wisdom and discernment.

  4. saintsnotaints

    Forgot to add that the word precurser or foreshadow deeply upsets when science says its the thing now.
    But on another track, even many sadly non believer ultra orthodox jews that dont believe in the mark or even Jesus , do know one is not in book of life by even one dna name jab change. So jabbed have no salvation period! Im not even gonna touch the abomination standing in Gods temple-the believers. Thuth really hurts but only wish many to not fall as too many have and dont want more to fall.

    1. Eric H. Bowen

      No. I can’t agree with this (“jabbed have no salvation period!”). I know too many people with an excellent Christian walk and witness who were duped and defrauded into taking the deathjab. Now I do believe you are accountable for whom you choose to follow and what you choose to believe, but there’s a clear distinction between heavenly discipline and being divinely disowned.

      On the other hand, those who are putting their Pfaith and trust in a Pfalse god…or a Faulci prophet…should examine themselves to see if they were ever in the true faith of Christ to begin with.

  5. julieg777

    I know the Holy Spirit told me not to get the jab. I did not get it and I never will, nor did my two sons or my husband. The gift of discernment is a wonderful gift and I am so thankful for it.

  6. Jim V.

    Geri, . Yes JESUS JESUS JESUS. AMEN. This world is so hard. I agree with your comment (your replied) Thank you.

    God bless you sister. I can’t wait to meet you up in the air.

    1. God bless you too, Jim. When I opened my eyes in bed this morning, I thought of heaven. I couldn’t think of anything else. I want to be there so much – I ache for that day.

      1. Jim V.

        Hi Geri, honestly every morning when I wake up, my first thought we are still here?! All I am waiting for is the RAPTURE.

        I believe we will be going home soon. I pray not next 1 or 5 or 10 years. NOW would be awesome.

        God bless.

  7. I and some of Family did not get Jab but some did at first, being duped, I do not believe the Jab is the Mark, but I believe it to be a bioweapon. Greatly sad for all the deaths in this world due to Jab. The Word says the Mark will be IN (not on) the right hand or forehead. We need to stay in Prayer. I believe in the Rapture (from Latin text, Harpazo, Greek text) but even if I ‘may be wrong’ I am still saved Thru the Price Christ Jesus Paid.

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