Study Lists More than 60 Times Concealed Carry Permit Holders Stopped Mass Shooters

Would you expect to hear about this on mainstream media?

Don’t hold your breath. This is just the kind of story that the Leftist Medianites HATE. It doesn’t match or uphold the narrative. What is that narrative? “Guns kill, therefore the public should not be able to own them.”The part this narrative omits is that if there is ever a massive gun grab, then only the bad guys will own them.

But that’s just fine with the LEFT. It would simply help with depopulation.


An expanded study from the Crime Prevention Research Center lists more than 60 instances in which a concealed carry permit holder stopped a mass shooter.

The study’s authors note that the 60+ incidents are those in which a concealed carry permit holder used a handgun to stop a mass shooting, and point out:

There is no reason to believe that this list is comprehensive, given how little media coverage is devoted to these heroic acts. In addition, we make no attempt here to list here the vast number of defensive gun uses in general that are reported daily in the US.

The 60+ incidents listed in which concealed permit holders stopped mass shooters occurred in the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin, among others.

The incidents in which concealed permit holders stopped mass shooters happened between December 17, 1991, and May 25, 2022.

A few examples from the study:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, October 17, 2021  – A fight between two teens turned into a shooting. A 16-year-old allegedly illegally carrying a gun started shooting. A fight over the gun ensued and shots were fired.

Lancaster Online reported that a bystander with a gun intervened by shooting one of the individuals, ending the threat. The unidentified bystander, who legally possessed the firearm, had heard gunshots related to a fight between two males that knew each other, police said. The bystander remained on scene until security and police arrived.

Duncan, Oklahoma, November 18, 2019 — There was a shooting at a Walmart parking lot in Duncan, Oklahoma that left two people murdered.

USA Today noted, “Aaron Helton, an Army veteran, said he was at the Walmart around 9:45 a.m. when he heard nine shots and saw the gunman, weapon in hand. According to Helton, another man walked up, put a pistol to the gunman’s head and told him to stop shooting. Helton said he saw the shooter was turning the gun on himself and looked away.”

Chicago, Illinois, April 19, 2015 — An Uber driver with a permitted concealed handgun stopped what likely would have been a mass public shooting.  Police arrived on the scene quickly, but the Uber driver had already taken care of the situation before they arrived.

Breitbart News covered the Uber driver’s actions as well, noting that the driver with a concealed carry permit thwarted an attempted mass shooting by pulling his own weapon and shooting a gunman who had opened fire in Chicago’s Logan Square.

No one other than the alleged would-be mass shooter was injured. SOURCE


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  1. Wolf

    I believe that’s another reason we can’t defend ourselves is because of depopulation. Abortion, criminals not being prosecuted and let out of jail, instead the innocent are being criminalized, there making another comeback with Covid again and more variations as we speak. More jabs also. Do not people notice a pattern here as to what’s going on? God has truly blinded these people. They have been turned over to the depraved mind the Bible talks of. Come quickly Lord Jesus

  2. Well Geri, u really need to be better “informed” as we all know from the truth narratives forced on us 24/7 from our all caring demoncratic “govt” elites that “guns kill” & white people with their helper guns kill the most. They are the most horrific & must be eliminated.
    We must procure all personal weapons because guns have the propensity to jump off shelves or unlock themselves & run amok. If we legislate against the law abiding having guns & jail them just for possession then the bad guys will naturally comply & turn in their guns cuz its the right thing to do & demoncrats believe man is basically good. So all of us must comply. Any good demoncrat should virtue signal this by turning in their guns & put a sign (in all languages for the benefit of illegals & criminals) in their front yard saying as much so every one knows where they stand.

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