1. Laura Floyd

    I never thought this could happen. I’ve been there and they are creepy. The 10 Anti- commandments of the New World Order. There are cameras around them because in the padt someone tried to destroy part of it. Wish I could say I’m sorry this happened. But honestly, I’m glad.

  2. saintsnotaints

    Awesome. I dont do violence but few months back was wondering how come others that would, to make a statement not wack the stones years ago? So i prayed God let it rip if your will. It dont stop the agenda but it is symbolic that people really fed up.

  3. Delieta

    I have always wondered if anyone would get enough nerve or gumption and do this. I think it is the voice of “fed up” with the GREAT RESET! All I can say is…wonder who will put up the new pillar?

    1. This WILL be interesting to watch it played out. If you want to see my articles on the GGS just type Georgia Guide stones in the search box on this WP and all articles on this will appear for you. I have been writing on this since 2015

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