1. robinlinaz

    I wish it really was in ruins, and nothing left of it. It’s a metaphor for the SCOTUS abortion ruling, damaged but still there.

    The Guidestones are a modern day altar to Baal worship, with a eugenics plan and a globalist agenda proudly displayed.

    A friend of mine pointed out a few weeks ago that Satan (God’s ape since he tries to ape everything our One True God does) also prophecies what his plans are. He does it everywhere, right under our noses, in media, entertainment, politics, education, the judiciary, everywhere! The Guidestones are just one of thousands, if not millions, of examples.

    The evil one destroys everything that is good and right; our monuments, churches, babies, laws, families, schools, health….everything. I am happy that there is pushback.

    God commended the prophets and kings of the Old Testament for destroying the High Places, the Idols and the Altars of Satan. He declared those who did this righteous, it is about time we stood up to wickedness that is running rampant.

    No, I don’t believe it will change what is coming, but we aren’t called to stand idly by in the face of true evil.

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