An Important Message

Tim and I are taking down our FB pages tonight. We should have done this ages ago!

To those who would like to have the latest articles and Tim’s videos sent to you, please go to the front page of this WordPress site and put in your email address to “FOLLOW.” This way you will always get the latest posts.

My Email address is

I believe that the coming months may be quite a bumpy ride. But don’t ever forget that our Father is with us every step of the way. He knows the end from the beginning.



12 thoughts on “An Important Message

  1. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    i’m also surprised you’re just now taking them down. I left mine up but changed the last name a little & almost never go on there–only when my daughter hasn’t contacted me in so long i need to see if she’s still alive or to check on something. Should I take it down?

    1. Dennis

      Your website is a daily goto for me. Thank you so much for your writings and informative articles. Two days ago your website was not accessible. I was concerned but now I see it is back, which makes me glad. I ditched my Facebook account about 3 years ago, my wife ditching hers about 6 months ago. The only thing I miss is that Facebook was the only way I got pictures of some of our grandchildren. However, keeping Facebook for even that is not worth it. Facebook is a serious part of the coming antichrist’s digital machinery that will be, and is now, used against us.

      1. Amen, Dennis. I know what you mean about missing pictures. But the evilness of Facebook and Zuckerberg are SATANIC! Can’t wait to meet you in heaven. Blessings…….

  2. Spicer Penny

    Please keep me on your articles they have been a blessing to me the last couple I cannot open them they say to open account thank you God bless you and your family

    1. I thought we fixed that. Have you subscribed? That way you don’t have to come to the WordPress – the articles come straight to your email. Just put your email address into the “FOLLOW” window.

  3. LV McGraw

    I didn’t even know you were on facebook! One time you told us to go to your husband’s facebook page to get messages to you. That was a long time ago.

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