What You Need to Know About Theepochtimes.com

I am writing this piece in hopes of keeping the readership safe from potential harm. I use theepochtimes.com often as a source for truth. Up to this point, I do not believe that they have led me astray on news stories – mostly about geopolitical events and of course Covid 19.

But there is a troubling aspect to this news giant and I do hope that you will send this piece to friends and family.


For a very long time, the epoch times had a link at the top of their home page which I believe was titled “Spirituality.” One day I clicked on that link and was surprised to see that this media outlet was encouraging people to delve into Hinduism, Yoga, and all manner of the Chinese ways to health and spirituality.

As a matter of fact, if you type in epochtimes.com instead of theepochtimes.com, you will see that the website is in Chinese.

https://www.epochtimes.com <click here to see the Chinese version

I used to think that these two websites might not be related – and I was wrong.

Back to the site I use for credible sources: Here are some examples of what the reader will find there:

There is a link to “Health” which goes into detail about the benefits of mediation and yoga. If the reader uses the drop-down feature marked “Other” it will take them into many Hindu resources and articles.

The reader can clearly see that theepochtimes is not just a news site, but in my humble opinion I see them quietly indoctrinating readers and telling the them how to build a meaningful life.

This concerns me.

Will I continue to use this source in my research and writing? Yes, but I feel better that the readership knows what we are dealing with.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please take this seriously. Notify friends and family about this website and which topics to avoid.

Our meaningful life is in the body of Christ and we should have a Christian World View. Our Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ who died and was resurrected as payment for our sins by His blood.

We await His return and we are called to share the Saving Gospel of Christ so that others may be saved.

That is our most important job while we wait for His return.



14 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About Theepochtimes.com

  1. saintsnotaints

    Pertanent warning. I treasure epoch times for what they do. knew they were freedom loving chinese. I did think they were christian, buddhist, hindu like all the free chinese in singapore and around the world and hong kong when it was once free and taiwan of course. But good to know that hindu buddhist is their real push.
    Warning is good but still like them.i feel bad i get them free with no payment. Id happily pay but i do not do electronic pay for my scriptural reasons.

  2. Dale Vernon

    Thanks again for another heads up. I dont read Epoch Times cuz they’re always bugging me to sign up. Maybe ET is taking Chinese $ to make ends meet or maybe the Chinese have editorial $way. We all know the Chinese specialize in propaganda & hate America. Many “Christians” are finding yoga & Budha meditation more acceptable these days, you’ve heard of Christian yoga (whatever that is). I ran into one the other day who was annoyed that they weren’t compatible cuz he was smiling, elated in the Buddha junk with adulation & praise due to Jesus. We need to “bone up” church & have answers to guide these people back to the Lord. He wont share His glory with anyone. He does all the saving & deserves all the glory.

      1. robinlinaz

        Thanks for your research on this Geri.

        Yep, I gave up yoga when I learned I was practicing poses intended to worship Hindu deities
        :(. Praise the Lord for sanctification.

        I like the Epoch Times articles and MANY Christians are using their information but they really push Shen Yun performances and I could see they’re heavily into Buddhism.

        If you haven’t read it, there is a great book I read last year called Only Two Religions by Dr. Peter Jones and he makes it crystal clear in a very well written way that there is Christianity and everything else, no matter what you call it. He goes back into the old pagan forms of worship, through the Enlightenment, New Age and up to today.

        Everything that isn’t true, unadulterated, Biblical Christianity is a form of idolatry.

  3. Sally

    What you shared today is confirmation in my spirit with this website. I subscribed several months ago and as it expired, I’ve had a doubt not to renew!!
    Thank you!!

  4. Yes! Exactly! Thank you for pointing this out — I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed this… I was a paying customer of Epoch Times for several months… then I kept seeing all their strange ads for the Shen Yun Chinese ballet — and their ongoing coverage of all the Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) philosophies and promotions. It struck me as exceedingly odd. They were featuring articles with testimonies of all sorts of people who’d found ‘peace’ and ‘answers’ through the practice of Falun Dafa, and encouraging people to try it out. They seem like more of a Chinese-religion/culture apologist organization than a regular news organization. I called them and tried to cancel my membership, and the lady simply would not take ‘no’ for an answer — I kept repeating my request, and finally had to become quite stern for her to heed my pleas and cancel my subscription. It was extremely odd.

  5. ghagge@gvtc.com

    I just renewed my subscription to the Epoch Times. You are right about their meditation and herbal use, spirituality sites. I don’t read those except I do look at their herbal supplement information. Their news is credible. Please note that Epoch Times is very anti-communism. With my first subscription, I received a free gift of a set of 3 Epoch Times booklets “The Specter of Communism” is ruling our world. They are excellent books with great information. The books are about the “sinister” roots of communism. Well worth reading, as our country is going that evil route.

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