8 thoughts on “Pastor Brandon Holthaus Bible Prophecy Update: Biden Signs Executive Order to Create a Digital Currency

  1. Dale Vernon

    Why not? OBiden has totally messed up everything else he’s (I mean THEY) have touched. He’s just an order taker for the deep state (u want fries with that?) I pray the Republicans (a very loose term these days) will grow a spine & challenge it any way possible. It’s only executive order & OBiden doesnt qualify as an executive but I am afraid the Big Corp, Biz will oblige w/o a whimper like with the jabs. I hope the banks scream & holler over this but the huge ones will love the idea. Once they get control of our personal funds its really over.

    1. robinlinaz

      Chase Bank is all-in, CEO Jamie Dimon is a Platinum Star Globalist; he’s helped craft the financial takeover planning so, yes, it really is already over.

  2. robinlinaz

    We can, and must fight everything they bring forth because we know exactly who is really behind it all.

    On the one hand, it is glaringly clear that Satan is a brilliant strategist and schemer…he’s had since the beginning to learn human behavior and devise his plans to destroy mankind and defeat God.

    On the other hand, what kind of idiot would decide he could usurp the One who created all things and has existed eternally?! Especially when he was face to face with God, in perfect fellowship with Him and was the highest created being, the epitome of perfection and beauty?!

    It is baffling, but the evil one is doing his worst and it’s already awful, we can’t fathom what it will be like when we are no longer here.

    Something Pastor Holthuas said in this video is original to my ears: that God tends to rescue His people when there is absolutely NO other hope, and NO escape other than through His divine intervention. This is so the rescue absolutely can not be attributed to anyone or anything else and He gets all the well-deserved glory.

    Knowing this puts me in a different frame of mind, understanding He may rapture us just before the proverbial wheels come off. (Of course I want Him to come now!) It is very possible that He will take us out of here in a way that will have every true Christian on the planet searching the skies before His arrival.

    Probably we are coming into the bumpiest of all seasons..but we know who wins!

    Thank you for all the info you provide us Geri, I love it and I love you, sis!


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