SOROS, OBAMA and the REAL Back Story Which Precipitated the Current War in Ukraine (VIDEO)

I want my readership to understand that most of what is coming from the news media is outright lies. I am not trying to present Vlad Putin as a choir boy, but if you want TRUTH about this conflict in Ukraine, you absolutely need to have a basic understanding of what has transpired there in the past decade; maybe even further back.

I happened upon a great website which deals in Truth and not politically Correct Garbage. But the reader must understand that the website and the priceless interview I am embedding is from 2017, which is actually a good thing for students of history who want the facts and not propaganda.

The narrative today is basically this:



I pray that many will watch the video, and if so-inclined, read the article from Schiller Institute. It’s long, but it is jam-packed with TRUTH.

From (from 2017)

Let’s begin with the Video:

Schiller Institute Interview with Danish Russia Expert Jens Jørgen Nielsen on the Third Anniversary of the Coup in Ukraine from 2014. Remember that everything here is from 2017:

Jens Jørgen Nielsen is an historian and philosopher, with a deep knowledge of Russia and Eastern Europe. He was the Moscow correspondent for the major Copenhagen daily Politiken, the author of many books about Russia and the east, including “Ukraine, in the field of tension,” and a recent book about Putin, a Russian expert who regularly appears in the media, and a leader of the Russian-Danish Dialogue organization, and a professor/lecturer at a Copenhagen business college.

Here are some of the areas covered in the very polemical interview, which denounced the mistakes and geopolitical intentions of the West: The interview started out describing the events in Ukraine, not as a democratic change, but an illegitimate coup led by pro-Nazi elements as part of the geopolitical attempt to keep Russia and the Asian nations down; the historical background to the Crimea question; that with the sanctions policy, the west is shooting itself in the foot — Russia is not isolated, but working with China, the BRICS, etc. He stated there would have been a danger of nuclear war if Hillary had been elected, and that many Russians now fear that there could be a coup/assassination of Trump because of his willingness to normalize relations with Russia. He described the period between the collapse of the Soviet Union and coup in Ukraine, as a lost opportunity to create a security order which should have included Russia.

The interview was conducted by Tom Gillesberg, the chairman of The Schiller Institute in Denmark. 

Brethren, here is the article in its entirety:


Obama and Soros—Nazis in Ukraine 2014—
U.S. in 2017?

How Obama and Soros Put 
Actual Nazis in Power in Ukraine

PDF version of this dossier was published in the February 24, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review and is re-published here with permission.  


a1-socialist_national_party_ukraine_1999.jpgWikimedia Commons The youth group of the Social-National Party of Ukraine, on the march with their swastika banner in Lviv in 1999. The swastika was dropped in 2003 and the party was renamed Svoboda in 2004.

February 20, 2017 —Three years ago this week, a Molotov-cocktail-throwing mob on the streets of Kiev occupied government buildings, perpetrating violence and driving the duly elected president of the nation out of office and out of the country. The leading groups in the mob were waving portraits of Stepan Bandera, Adolf Hitler’s collaborator in Ukraine during World War II.

Today, the same British and American intelligence institutions, and many of the same individuals, are attempting to repeat the process, only this time the target is the democratically elected government of the United States itself. The reasoning is the same: the Empire must maintain the division of the world into competing blocs, the divide and conquer policy of Empire since the time of the Romans. The East vs. West divide nearly collapsed when the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, ending the excuse of the Free World vs. Godless Communism which had been used by the British to break up Franklin Roosevelt’s partnership with Russia to defeat fascism.

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, at the time of the Soviet collapse, offered the idea of a New Silk Road, uniting Europe with Asia via new, high-speed rail development corridors through Russia and Central Asia, to unite the world on the basis of mutual development and cultural dialogue. This the Empire would not allow.

The Obama Administration, and London, not only welcomed the violent coup in Ukraine in 2014, as a means to justify a new NATO military mobilization against Russia, but rather, they created it. Obama and his spokesmen proudly announced that the United States had financed and orchestrated the organizations participating in the demonstrations on the public square, the Maidan. Obama’s direct agent for the coup, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, visited the rioters several times, handing out cookies on the Maidan, while refusing to acknowledge that in addition to peaceful demonstrators concerned about corruption and economic hardships, there were also openly neo-fascist gangs conducting an armed insurrection against the elected government.

Nuland was also caught by a phone tap instructing the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine on precisely who was to be made Prime Minister in the new government, after the President was toppled.

a1-vitrenko_natalia_seminar_10-18-09_5731.jpgNatalia Vitrenko, doctor of economics, is chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, has served in Parliament, and has run for President.

The result of the coup for the Ukrainian people has been an unmitigated horror. The prosperity promised in exchange for signing a free-trade Association Agreement with the European Union (EU), has not materialized; instead there has been vicious austerity, massive budget cutting, and lay-offs, while foreign nationals were appointed to run the economy. Government military forces and neo-Nazi militias carry out perpetual warfare against the Donbass region of the country, which refused to submit to the illegal coup.

The myth was peddled in the West that Russia caused the problem, by objecting to the peaceful uprising against their puppet government in Kiev, then annexing Crimea and invading the Donbass, while plotting to conquer Ukraine, the Baltic countries, and perhaps others, intent on restoring the Soviet Empire.

So also today, the myth is spread by the defeated Obama and George Soros circles, and ad nauseam in the mainstream press, that the Obama/Hillary campaign was only defeated because Russia stole the election, in order to have their puppet Donald Trump win the election. Without ever offering a shred of evidence (it is all top secret, don’t you know), mass hysteria against Putin and Russia is fueled by leaks from the same neoconservative intelligence networks left over from the Obama administration. Trump has identified these criminals, naming elements in the FBI and the NSA, and only stopped short of identifying their actions as treasonous. The President is correct.

Putin himself has been very clear about what is going on in the United States. Asked at a press conference on Jan. 17 about the anti-Russian hysteria in the U.S. press and in some political circles, Putin said:

In my opinion, there are several goals; some are obvious. The first is to undermine the legitimacy of the elected president of the United States. Incidentally, in this connection I would like to note that whether people who do it want it or not, they greatly damage U.S. interests. It seems that they trained for this in Kiev, and now are ready to organize a Maidan in Washington not to let Trump assume office. The second goal is to tie the hands and legs of the newly-elected president related to the implementation of his pre-election campaign promises to the American people and the international community.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, the presidential candidate for the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine in several elections, in a letter to President Trump after his election, called on him to change the disastrous Obama policy regarding Ukraine:

Our people are suffering badly from war, extreme poverty, corruption, political repressions, and the rampaging of neo-Nazis. The outgoing U.S. Administration kept stirring up the people of Ukraine against Russia, thereby inciting a war between our fraternal peoples, one that unquestionably threatens to trigger a Third World War.

The fascist elements in the Ukraine government have orchestrated thug attacks against Vitrenko and her party, seized the party headquarters, and are threatening to bring charges against her for treason for the “crime” of identifying the openly fascist actions of the government and the neo-Nazi militias.

And in the United States, Obama is the first president in U.S. history to lead an effort to bring down the government that replaced him. Under Obama, the United States conducted perpetual warfare against countries which were no threat to our nation, conducted drone strikes against individuals personally chosen by Obama without even a semblance of due process, and nearly provoked a war with Russia, a war which would almost certainly have been thermonuclear, and which would have been nearly certain if Obama’s clone, Hillary Clinton, had been elected.

The idea that Trump may end the imperial policy, and join forces with Russia and China, as Franklin Roosevelt did to defeat fascism, in the new paradigm of defeating terrorism, and building infrastructure and agro-industrial advancement for nations throughout the world as part of the New Silk Road process, would mean the end of the very concept of Empire, once and for all. To prevent this, the British and their assets in the United States, led by Obama and his sponsor George Soros as well as their fellow neocons on the Republican side, will stop at nothing. The American people are increasingly aware of this evil, but must move quickly to expose it and crush it.

This report is divided into five sections, with links to documentation articles at the end.

1. The strategic situation in Ukraine, from the February 2014 neo-Nazi coup through the collapse of that nation into economic and strategic chaos today.

2. The neo-Nazi provenance of the leading groups and individuals in the 2014 regime-change coup in Ukraine.

3. A chronology of the coup itself, from November 2013 through February 2014.

4. A profile of the origins and methods of the color revolution policy, deployed against Ukraine in the coup, and in the United States today.

5. The appeal by Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, presidential candidate for the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, to the EU on Feb. 10, 2017, to stop the repression by the Kiev government.

The potential for the world to leave the era of imperial control behind, to enter a new era of civilization just as the Renaissance ended the era of feudal backwardness, is within our grasp today. It is up to each and every citizen of the United States, and citizens of the world, to make this moment of huge potential become a reality.back to index 

Anglo-American War Party Seeks To Blow Up Ukraine, Wreck U.S.-Russian Prospects

Feb. 20—Three years ago, on Feb. 22, 2014, the prolonged, increasingly violent Euromaidan coup d’état was completed in Ukraine against the country’s elected President Victor Yanukovych. His life in peril as commandoes from the so-called Maidan Self-Defense Forces threatened to storm his residence at dawn if he didn’t quit, yet unwilling to use military force to crush the thousands of demonstrators still in the Maidan (Independence Square) in downtown Kiev, Yanukovych fled the capital. Unable to regroup in the northeastern city of Kharkov or his native Donetsk, he ultimately sought asylum in Russia.

The coup of November 2013-February 2014 was built on the precedent of Ukraine’s 2004 Orange Revolution, when Yanukovych’s first election had been challenged as fraudulent by a Maidan demonstration, on the color revolution model of Anglo-American financier George Soros and the American professional organizer Gene Sharp. The demonstrators in December 2004 forced a revote, which Yanukovych lost. Within months, the victorious Orange revolutionaries were squabbling over power, as the Ukrainian economy continued to dive under their deregulation and privatization policies, and kowtowing to the austerity demands of the International Monetary Fund. Yanukovych ran again in 2010 and won.

But the more than 2000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine, funded by the U.S. government, the UK, the EU, and Soros’s private Open Society projects, continued to shape public opinion in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland boasted that US$5 billion had gone into Ukraine through State Department channels alone, much of it, as the Ukrainian-born Russian economist Sergei Glazyev put it, issued in the form of grants to develop an intellectual community of experts, oriented against the Russian Federation and directed toward shaping Russophobic attitudes in Ukrainian society.


Brothers and sisters in Christ, I know that this is a lot of information to absorb. But I also know that the only way to battle political correctness from the media is with FACTS.

PRAY for the people of Ukraine and pray for all soldiers in this war; remember that many of them have been brainwashed and can only receive information which matches the narrative.



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