WE TRAINED NAZIS: Former Marine Intel Officer Spills The Beans On U.S. Military Training Nazis In Ukraine [VIDEO]

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Currently, as Russia continues its invasion into Ukraine, the world has banded together, supporting Ukrainian citizens and their fight against Vladimir Putin. In America, the Biden administration granted over $13 billion in aid to Ukraine in their newly approved spending package. The move came as the Democrats claimed the aid and even citizens paying extra at the gas pump was a small price to pay for democracy. But while the Biden administration crafts a government-approved narrative around the war, Scott Ritter, a former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, decided to give America a quick history lesson on Ukraine and the military the United States helped train. 

In the video, which can be watched below, Ritter, who was also an inspector during the INF treaty, served under General Schwarzkopf during the Gulf War, and a chief weapons inspector with the UN in Iraq, detailed how the British and American governments taught the Azov Battalion. It should be noted that the Azov Battalion has not only been labeled a Neo-Nazi group, but they were also accused of numerous war crimes. 

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, in 2016, the Azov Battalion was found to participate in mass looting of citizens, torture, and unlawful detention. Still, when training the new soldiers, the Azov Battalion was the first group to be recommended to the U.S. In short, Ritter declared that the United States helped support and train Nazis accused of rape and waterboarding. Source

Brethren, George Soros helped to install Zelenskyy as Ukraine’s president, knowing full well that the Neo Nazi groups were being trained by America!! We’re not talking about a handful of Nazis. We are talking about battalions of these creeps!!

It certainly does not surprise me about Soros. He has been a Nazi lover and self-hating Jew since WWII.

Putin has been stating for the last month that he wanted to de-nazify Ukraine. I do believe that is part of Putin waging war on Ukraine, but I still do think that Russia was very concerned about Ukraine become a NATO partner.

We only know part of this story, but I am still reeling over our Military training NAZIS!! UNREAL!



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  1. saintsnotaints

    The nwo or great reset is the nazis. Communists just used by them. Sad is most in ukraine russia, america are not nazis and suffer due to them but they are growing in power and numbers.
    We need to stop classifying people by their ancestors. Zelensky or soros as jewish as hillary and gates are chtistians. When we start to call people by what they are and not what their ancestors were then we have unity to resist evil. When zelensky says he is jewish or pelosi says she is christian, they are liars. What do people think Jesus meant saying by their fruits you will know them?

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