LORD JESUS WE PRAY: Help Us to See That You are the ONLY Answer (VIDEO)

I pray for the people in Ukraine who are suffering. Lord draw many of them to You and save them.

I pray for the people of Russia. Please open their eyes so they will see You and Understand that You are Lord.

I pray for all people across the world who have been damaged from the jabs. I pray for the families who lost loved ones to the gene therapy shots. Please draw these people to You and save those who don’t know You.

Lord I pray for fractured families because of brain washing. Bring loved ones back together. Open the eyes of those who are believing lies.

Lord I pray for brothers and sisters in Christ who cannot forgive one another. Help them to forgive others and remind them of what You forgave them when you died that agonizing death on the cross.

I pray for those who are alone and feel abandoned. Lord make Your presence known to them and assure them that You are there always.

I pray for boldness In sharing the Gospel of Christ. Time is short and people need to know TRUTH.

Lord Jesus, please give us courage for the things ahead of us. Lift our heads towards heaven and You so that we are strengthened.

Brothers and sisters, we must look to the Lord for Everything. His Grace is sufficient for us and in our weakness He is made strong.


7 thoughts on “LORD JESUS WE PRAY: Help Us to See That You are the ONLY Answer (VIDEO)

  1. Dale Vernon

    Amen sister the only hope is Jesus Christ. No govt can be trusted to do the right thing in this mess so its all in Almighty Gods’ hands. His will be done & our prayers be according to His will.

  2. Carol

    After watching this video I started skimming through a book before I pass it along. This comes from a chapter titled “Thorns will increase “ and it was taken from the book, “Life is like licking honey off a thorn” by Susan Lenzkes,
    Oh Christian kneel at Christ feet as evil ascend to power as arrogant men mock and lie and maim, fists thrust into the face of the Almighty do not be afraid. Just stay at his nails scarred feet and praise him as trouble mount as nations rise against nation and our world seems to spiral out of control. Wait patiently and pray, for all that lifts itself up will fall at the feet of this one you worship. For he is Lord and every stiffened knee will one day bow beside you.

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