About 7 years ago I wrote a piece about an interesting man from Greece, Alexis Tsipras, who seemed to have many Biblical traits of the coming AC. I was a feature writer for Geoff Grider (NTEB) at that time.

The article went viral and even Pastor JD Farag devoted one of his Bible Prophecy Updates to taking a look at the man Tsipras:

Mid-East Prophecy Update – February 15th, 2015 <click to watch

“Pastor J.D. explains the prophetic significance of the recent rise of a world leader who has now captured the attention of students and teachers of Bible prophecy.”

I began my research on Tsipras after reading an article (Nearing Midnight) by Terry James of who simply said that this man was worth at least taking a look at as a possible candidate for the man of sin.

But Alexis Tsipras faded away from his position as PM of Greece, and alas from our collective minds as a foreshadowing of Antichrist.

Pastor JD said something in this update that I’ll never forget. He said “We are not looking for Antichrist; we are looking for Jesus Christ.” And with that I agree 100%. But when world leader seemingly comes onto the world stage out of nowhere, we just can’t help but wonder: “Could this be him?”

Having said that, I am writing this article about a man who seems to possibly be that man of sin although we can only surmise this.

God is God and we are not! His ways are so much higher than our ways.

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy

The readers are most likely wondering why I would want to take a hard look at this man. I will list my reasons. And before anyone proclaims that I am playing “Pin the tail on AC” let me just say that I am intrigued by Zelenskyy – not in a good way, but in a way which compels me to research him further.

  1. Zelenskyy came onto the world stage out of nowhere. Yes, he has been the president of Ukraine for a few years, but he was obscure and relatively unknown.
  2. Our World is preparing for Globalism and having sparked the Ukrainian/Russian war: it seems like a time for Satan to present his man (the beast) to the world. He will promise peace and security
  3. Overnight this man is known by the entire world and is being heralded as a hero.
  4. Zelenskyy is a puppet of George Soros who installed him in his position as president of Ukraine.
  5. Zelenskyy is a Jew and I do believe that Israel would receive him as messiah
  6. Zelenskyy graduated from Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders School, so is officially on board with Globalism
  7. He has turned away from the God of his fathers – A Jew whose army has a great percentage of Neo Nazis!??
  8. He is a performer with a magnetism that draws people to him. His long running TV show was about a teacher who suddenly becomes President of his Republic
  9. **Read the article at the bottom of this piece to see the “Assyrians of Ukraine”
  10. He has no problem with violence as seen here in a campaign commercial:


After rebuff, Zelensky to address Knesset members in coming days, says speaker

Date for speech via Zoom to be finalized; Ukrainian leader reportedly also asks to address Yad Vashem, museum says it will look into the matter

In this image from video provided by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office and posted on Facebook, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. (Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is slated to address the Israeli parliament via Zoom in the coming days, according to Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy.

Levy said on Thursday that he spoke with Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk to reiterate his invitation to Zelensky to address members of the Knesset.

Korniychuk and Levy have agreed to schedule a date for Zelensky’s address in the coming days, the statement said.

Zelensky had first asked to address the full Knesset plenum, but Levy responded that the Knesset would be going on recess after its closing session on Thursday, and the building was then scheduled for renovations, according to reports.

“The ambassador thanked Speaker Levy for his welcoming response to his letter and for publicly clarifying and refuting the false information published in the press, that allegedly argued that the speaker refused President Zelensky’s request to address members of the Knesset,” the statement said.

Zelensky has given similar speeches to officials and lawmakers in the United Kingdom, European Union, and Canada.

However, hurdles reportedly remain. Asked by Korniychuk to ensure that most of the Knesset would be present for the speech, Levy said he could only control members of his own party, but predicted that most coalition members would attend, Israel’s Kan network reported.

According to the report, Levy’s office had feared having Zelensky give the speech to the actual Knesset plenum risked an embarrassing situation if a live broadcast showed a half-empty hall.

Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy seated in the Knesset in Jerusalem, on January 17, 2022. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Separately, Reuters reported on Thursday that Zelensky asked to address the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum to discuss Russia’s invasion of his country.

According to the report, Yad Vashem said in a statement that it will discuss the proposal with Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel.

There was no immediate comment from the Ukrainian embassy on the matter.

Relations between Israel and Ukraine have been tense since Russia launched its invasion, as Jerusalem attempts to walk a tightrope between Kyiv and Moscow, and Ukraine has sought more support.

Israel has avoided harshly criticizing Russia, or supporting Ukraine too strongly, because of Russia’s presence in Syria. Israel carries out airstrikes against Iran-linked targets in Syria, with Russia’s understanding, to prevent Iran-backed forces from gaining a foothold on Israel’s northern border. Source

And one last thing. People have been asking about “The Assyrian” of which Scripture speaks about The Antichrist. See what I found today:


The Assyrians of Ukraine, Donbass and Crimea

Please read this fascinating article HERE

Another very interesting article about Assyrians in Ukraine: Read HERE

Brethren, we are just at the beginning of the story of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Please understand that I am not claiming that we are seeing AC in the flesh. Only God knows who the man of sin will be.

I am just telling my readership that I am taking a hard look at this man. I will continue to watch him in the midst of the Ukraine/Russian war. Many consider Zelenskyy to be a world class Hero.

To me, something wicked this way comes………


53 thoughts on “ANTICHRIST……COULD IT BE?

  1. Bruce Bridges

    I’ve had this same thought for quite a while now. I’m glad to see I’m not alone in that opinion! He seems to have AC traits that Macron doesn’t, as far as the charisma and popularity. Not to discount Macron because he still hasn’t done anything to disqualify him as a candidate, but Z definitely merits watching along with Macron.

      1. angelo

        Daniel 9:26. Unless i’m reading this wrong, the antichrist will come from the roman empire of 70 AD time. Who he is i have no clue. The Bible doesn’t say anywhere Israel will except him as messiah. My best guess is they will except the false prophet as messiah. That sounds more Jewish to me

    1. Carrie

      I’m still looking at Marcon. By accident his Chinese Zodiac pops up and I saw that he was born the year of the Serpent and fire. He refers to himself as Jupiter. I was reading Revelation and looked down at my references and it said that the antichrist would refer himself to the god Jupiter. The study by the Italian psychiatrist on Marcon is very interesting, he was diagnosed as a Psychopath. Jan Markell said if Z isn’t killed, we need to watch him. If Marcon doesn’t win Election, well my eyes will shift towards Z.

      1. Elizabeth

        I totally see where you’re coming from, but Macron doesn’t have near the amount of support and adoration that Z does. If Z isn’t actually the AC, I can imagine that it will look VERY similar to how it does now when he actually steps on the scene.

    2. Pete

      It looks like Zelenski has no chance of stopping Putin, yet is calling for the Russians to flee or die. If he can pull that off, it would appear a miracle. US media is saying Putin is about to use a chemical weapon, but he’s been destroying them with thermobaric incineration…. If you’re right, then maybe the restrainer is Putin and about to be taken away, either by Zelenski’s chemical weapons, or maybe something less dramatic, like a coup back home?

      1. Monika Maria Bucher

        The ‘Resrtrainer’ is not a person but the Holy Spirit living in all believers. The Rapture takes us out, the Restrainer leaves with us.

    3. Pam

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ve been watching him since he won the Presidency in a landslide in 2019. Young, extremely charismatic, charming, handsome. Not very many people, in the US anyway, even knew he existed 3 weeks ago. Now a world hero and he hasn’t done anything of significance to warrant this title. Just as our Lord uses people for His good purpose, Satan will use people too. His direct Soviet Jewish roots are very interesting. Thank you for your great article, Geri! ♥️🙏🏻

      1. Monika Maria Bucher

        I completely agree, thewre’s just one question: Daniel 11, 37 is often quoted as a point he will be unmarried. But I found no really clear answer.

  2. saintsnotaints

    Who knows? Personally im looking for the antichrist to be a known man who RETURNS for 42 months with satan in him this time. That leaves options like trump, obama, netanyahu and others. Dont overlook that the jabbed people will all love the antichrist as the 6g satellites will tell them to. As soon as the signal given to jabbed brains free will is no more. The jab hooks brains to the quantum computers as an entanglement. That signal will emit when its time.

    1. Pete

      Actually, i’ve had the jab (and hope to god it’s not the mark) and I’ve never supported Zelenski and actually think Putin went in to stop a genocide and secure his border and stop actual nazis.

      1. Severiano David

        There is nothing in Scripture that suggest that one would be taking the Mark of the Beast by accident. No, one would be consciously and knowingly accept it.

  3. Michele Martin I don’t believe Zelensky will fool enough people to make any impact. He is as dirty and corrupt as is apparent with the entire gang of Ukrainian politicos and oligarchs. .I pity the innocent people who have to live under this evil. Thank you Geri for all your useful and informative posts. God bless you!
    Fear Not, For I Am with You – Isaiah 41

  4. Jim V.

    I believe AC is a homosexual. I know he is here right now, waiting under the wings. We don’t know who is the AC.

    This man, Ukraine leader is a joke. Deception and Deceived.

    I honestly believe Ukraine invade is part of Great Reset.

    And I personally believe Ukraine/Russia is a BIG DISTRACTION.

    I don’t think this man, Ukraine leader is a hero. He is a BIG RED FLAG. I believe he is helping villain founder WEF, Klaus to pushing GREAT RESET and One World Government.

    Let me ask you this question, how come George Soros, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, Klaus Swab, etc. are untouchable meanwhile Russia bombed at Ukraine? And how come this leader of Ukraine is still alive? No question, Russian troops can easily invade his headquarter and either kidnap him or murder him. Russian troops are one of the best forces in the world.

    1. Hi Jim…when I read that Z entered politics because he admired our Trudeau…well, that speaks volumes!!! They are all for the Great Reset ( nothing great about it!) . Deception, as Jesus said is everywhere! Prayers for lost souls everywhere! Looking up!!

      1. Dee

        Shocked and appalled at this video. High heels, bondage clothing, scantily clad, that is evil. Who is this man?

      2. Kim

        My goodness Geri, this video of him is repulsive. In a right side up world people would find this disturbing, but then when you scroll down to read the comments everyone is lavishing him with praise and saying world leaders need to be more like him! We can clearly see at this stage how the masses will so readily pledge their allegiance to Antichrist. Come quickly Lord!

      3. Katie H

        I’m glad someone posted this. It’s awful, but it shows that he is sold out; owned. Whatever he does, that man is not acting of his own agency and cannot be reconciled with the “hero” he is portraying.

  5. saintsnotaints

    All opinions are respectable until we know.i love to hear many opinions as one will be it eventually. Like a bible study with discussion and imput.
    Knowing the depravity of the elites, odds good the perdition son will be a homosexual. But, i dont read scripture as that being a must. Having no regard for women does not mean a homosexual as certain. Bill clinton loves women and has no regard for women. Abuse of women is also no regard. Monica lewinsky stated from london once that hillary has no regard for women. So he may or may not be such.
    Also, the antichrist is not from the roman empire. He is from alexanders macedonian greek empire. That overlaps rome partially but includes much east as far as afganistan and old soviet areas. That leaves out west & central europe. That being said, i dont know if he can come from the heritage of alexanders empire, for if so, he could then come from any nation on earth. I favor the former but consider the latter.

  6. Pam

    I believe antichrist is Obama. Many people have posted their dreams and visions since the man came on the scene years ago. Whoever he is, the world will receive him with all deception.

    1. saintsnotaints

      Sure do love all these comments as much to consider. One day soon the puzzle will be done.
      Only have a few thoughts in general to consider. Jacobs trouble is for 7 years. Jacob is all 12 tribes whether lost or known. This seems to mean the trouble is many nations plus israel the state.
      Next, dont overlook vaticans Darby and messed up interpretations he pollutted that still sway all of us on some points.
      Lastly (due to darby) many think the one cut off in the midst of the week is satan , based on what they preach, when its Jesus cut off in midst of week!
      There is only 42 months left and no 7 years. Perhaps jacobs trouble overlaps or proceedes? I dont know. I think the 2 witnesses are the last 42 months. I also think they are not 2 men but 2 groups. Jews and Christians in Christ. And who would kill jews & christians in jerusalem? They then give gifts and celebrate 3 days after killing the witnesses. Note that at end of ramadan that moslems for id el fitr give gifts and celebrate 3 days.
      I also tend to think that when the 2 witnesses rise from death, that is the resurrection of the dead, what most call the rapture for all saints.
      There is also a view that Christ did his 3.5 years and the apostles did the other 3.5 years and 70th week already done. I dont hold this view but cannot cast it away either.
      Bottom line is this is end of end times and we need busy getting ready and praying for and helping others.we all in varying ways know this.

  7. Brenda S.

    Thank you, Geri for this article about Zelensky. Point 8 (TV show about a teacher who becomes president of his Republic) caught my attention. PM Justin Trudeau in Canada was a teacher before he entered politics. His first meeting as PM in 2015 was with children from schools across Canada Link to news story… In April 2020, Trudeau hosted a Q & A online event with children about COVID. Link to CBC Kids News… I am grateful for JD Farag’s Bible prophecy updates each week. He pours his heart into serving the Lord. Yes, let’s keep looking to Christ!

  8. Samuel Ficarra

    I was instantly thought the exact same thing when I saw English parliament giving a bipartisan standing ovation for him. I haven’t seen right and left wing politicians in unity for anything in years?! Especially here in the USA.

    Also I don’t know if this is relevant, but his name is spelled volodymyr zelenskyy. That’s 18 letters, three 6’s equals 18. Could be completely irrelevant. But I do believe that god gave us clues and the mark of the beast is still somewhat of a mystery so who knows?!

    Also he has the support of the Jews and Roman Catholics. Supposedly the pope personally called him to send him his blessing.

    He’s definitely a globalist with ties to klaus Schwab and sorros. I believe that’s the main reason Russia invaded cuz Putin is scared to death of globalist, nato and the nwo. I also believe that’s the reason he would of never invaded while Trump was president cuz Trump is not a globalist like Biden. In fact many believe if Trump would’ve served a second term he would’ve pulled the USA out of nato. Plus I’m sad to say I don’t think he has any respect for Biden.

    Enjoyed your article. Thanks and god bless everyone!!!

    1. RS

      I’m Catholic and do not support him whatsoever. I am trying to educate as many people as I can that he is no hero. It’s pathetic that the pope supports him. I think they feed the pope what he wants to hear and possibly is not fully aware of the truth, but I could be wrong.

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  10. June Wessel

    I have and still think it is Obama. His wife is not a real female and that would account for the undesired appeal for women. Obama came out from nowhere, a nobody and became President with a questionable birth cert.very quickly. This is not conspiracy theories, I saw the computerized layers of the cert. and when he was born his race would have been referred to as Negro, not African . I have seen an Adams apple on his wife and it walks too masculine for a real female, and what looks like a man’s privates behind some cloths. Biden is not running anything, it is Obama’s 3rd term and all of his policies. Biden did not win the election of 2020. Call me a nut or what ever, but I believe what I feel deep down in my being.

  11. Emily Wickham

    My husband and I began discussing this possibility shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine. And just the other day, I told him I wondered whether anyone else was wondering the same thing. Thank you for writing this article and sharing your insights. As others have said, we are looking for our Lord Jesus Christ and His glorious return! And as God’s people living in these last days, we need much discernment and wisdom.

  12. Lin

    I just came across this article by chance today. I have never told anyone this, but just after the war started in Ukraine I woke up one morning and I had this overwhelming feeling that Zelensky is the Antichrist, just after that I came across a video of him dancing in a video. I am not saying he is, I just wanted to share my story.

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  14. saintsnotaints

    An opinion; can people take the mark of the beast not knowing its the mark? Yes indeedy. They had opportunity to find out but did no effort. The bible is the whole council of God. People destroyed for lack of knowledge. It was available but they didnt pursue knowledge before decision making. Often desires or even real needs get people to act blindly but its their fault.
    In india, a whole town of hindus that know not God nor The gospel of Christ still as humans with a brain ran into the river to escape the health jabbers that came to town. They had an inate knowing the jab isnt good even with no knowledge, like a cat might scratch you up real bad if you try to put in in a case for a vet check up. The cat dont understand yet if it ever will but has instinct not to be locked up. It wants to be free.
    In the west, too many have illogical blind trust of doctors and leaders and a soft life they dont wish to rock.
    These are not bad people and may be qiite wonderful people but they didnt put God and his guide book first.nice people dont all make the kingdom. I have met nice homosexuals but they dont make it. Going to church is not a ticket in either by itself. Im sad for them but it doesnt change reality. I pray those hindus have visions and come to Christ as they seem his kind of people.

    1. I do not believe that people can take the Mark without knowing it. First of all, Antichrist has not made his entrance onto the world stage – I know that I have written about Z possibly being AC and I explained why in my article; but as of today, the man of sin has not been revealed to the world.

      1. saintsnotaints

        Just at least ponder this; the antichrist has only 42 months to reign. Its took half that time already to not quite jab half the world. He does not wish to spend his short time of 42 months hunting all souls to take the mark. He wants to start his reign of 42 months with most already jabbed. When the 6g satellites turn on connecting all jabbed brains to the quantum computer, the entanglement of minds of the jabbed who will lose all free will as biological robots is the first act of antichrists reign. The idea of antichrist before the mark has no basis except pretrib movies and books. The false prophet has more to do with its implementation anyway. Too lengthy to develop more detail here and no way to present peer reviewed scientific papers etc. Logic implys the mark prior to the antichrist and i think scripture backs that up when all scripture and not pieces used. But heh, i love all here whether we see alike or not on this.

  15. Ron R

    I find it difficult, though not impossible, for the Antichrist to be anything other than a Muslim. How else would the world’s largest and most dangerous cult follow one man? If you were to read the Quran, which I seriously do not recommend as it is just terrible and written by a guy with a pre-k education, you would see that their ‘final imam’, their messianic figure, lines up exactly with descriptions of the Antichrist found in our Holy Bible. They even have a fake Jesus, who will be a Muslim of course, who will tell people that he never died upon a cross when the true Jesus did in fact lay down His life upon the cross for us worthless, vile, disgusting creatures because of His amazing love for His creation. The fake Jesus of Islam would be the perfect False Prophet.

    People need to remember that the Bible is a book of prophecy that deals primarily with Jewish people and Israel. As we get to be Raptured out of here we don’t have to deal with any of that, praise the Lord God, so it just makes more sense for the true AC to be a Muslim.

  16. Douglas Kandel

    I happen to have a different take on this matter. That is for several reasons.I guess I take a rather hardline approach on the appointed times of God… Or his feast days. I think most people believe, as I do, that the second coming of Christ will be on the day of atonement. That would indicate that the 70th week of Daniel/Jacob’s Trouble/ Tribulation would also begin in the fall,… 2550 days before the day of atonement/2nd coming. I say 2550 days because that’s what scriptures indicate. 42 months or 1260 days for the first half and then according to Daniel chapter 12, 1290 days for the second half.

    Well, something very interesting, and I believe pertinent, took place right on the feast of trumpets or September 29/30th, in 2019. That is when a man by the name of Sebastian Kurtz became the chancellor of the “little horn“ country of Austria. He seems to have all of the necessary traits of the antichrist, except for possibly the Assyrian part, but that might be included in some way unbeknownst to us. Who knows, that might not even be literal but figurative. And, by the way, he no longer holds that position so he would be free to handle other “responsibilities.”

    From the date of the feast of trumpets of 2019 until the day of atonement in 2026 happens to be exactly 2550 days. That is quite rare indeed.

    I used to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture and very much hoped for that. However, I don’t believe the Bible really truly teaches that. I believe what it actually teaches is a pre-wrath rapture. It tells us in first Thessalonians chapter 5 that we are not appointed to God’s wrath. Well, the first part of the tribulation is not considered God’s wrath. That does not actually begin until the opening of the sixth seal. I believe that is actually where we are at right now or extremely soon.

    The reason that I believe that is because when we look back to see what actually started happening right at the feast of trumpets in 2019, we see some rather startling events. First of all, the continent of Australia saw approximately 50,000,000 acres of forest destroyed along with approximately 3 to 4,000,000,000 animals!!

    That was also the start of the most prominent and destructive swarm/swarms of locusts that the world has probably ever seen numbering in the trillions. They actually started at the southern tip of Africa and wound their way clear up through the Middle East, somehow bypassing Israel, all the way up to China.

    Then, of course, we know that that was the timing of the start of the Covid plandemic as well !!

    In addition, the number of extreme natural disasters that have occurred since that time have been off the charts all across the globe.

    Of course we have major war and all of its complications to consider as well.We we’re already feeling the effects of some of the disruption of the supply chains globally from “Covid.” But now they are saying things will really get tough because of the amount of fertilizer and grain that Russia exports (and will quit doing) as well as the huge amount of grain the Ukraine will need/hoard.

    So, in other words, the four horsemen of the apocalypse have already been unleashed. They even SAID THAT ON FOX NEWS AND FRIENDS THE FIVE LAST WEEK!!! I couldn’t believe they actually said that on a major news outlet !! Cool beans !! We are just waiting on the opening of the sixth seal which is when the wrath of God is delivered according to revelation chapter 6.

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 states that those things which God has done in the past, he will do again. We just need to pay attention to his patterns because there is nothing new under the sun. Well, I believe that means we need to take a very hard look at Passover in two weeks as a very likely time for the rapture of the church. First of all, Lazarus was raised from the dead right before Passover.Also, Lazarus was in the grave four days before he was resurrected. We are in that fourth day right now from the wondrous revelation 12:1 sign seen on Sept. 23,2017 !!

    Of course we know that Jesus was also raised on the third day, otherwise known as first fruits. And the exciting thing about that from a pattern standpoint is the fact that many saints came up out of their graves and walked around the city at that time as well !!

    I am very aware that I could be wrong about all of this or a good part of this, but it does seem to fit in virtually every way. And there are some interesting things on the Internet about Sebastian Kurz possibly being the antichrist. There is a long and very specific prophecy by a lady by the name of Maria Devine Mercy which definitely indicates he is the guy along with the current pope as the false prophet. And she was given this prophecy before Sebastian even became involved in politics.

    At any rate, I am certainly looking up, hopeful that this Passover season will finally be the time that we get to go home and get away from all this over abundance of demonic activity !! MARANATHA !!

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