Hundreds of TV, Radio and Newspaper Outlets Profited from Biden’s $1 Billion Vaccine Propaganda Campaign

Media ‘could be accessories to murder’


In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has revealed that it spent more than $1 billion in taxpayer dollars to buy advertising promoting the Covid vaccines from news outlets nationwide — the same media outlets which then provided favorable “news” coverage about the injections.

Among those who accepted the government cash were ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Newsmax.

Major newspapers taking the government’s money included the New York Post, the LA Times and the Washington Post, as well as hundreds of smaller local newspapers and TV stations in practically every state.

These same “news” outlets collectively published thousands of articles and video segments regarding the vaccine that were universally promoted as “safe and effective.”

Many of them refused letters to the editor or op-eds that provided an alternative perspective on the injections. Social media companies that accepted the government ads were at the same time censoring the posts of users who commented critically on the vaccines.

The financial disclosures came as a result of an FOIA filed by The Blaze Media.

Hundreds of news organizations were paid by the federal government to advertise the vaccines as part of a “comprehensive media campaign.”

The Biden administration purchased the ads on TV, radio, in print, and on social media to “build vaccine confidence, timing this effort with the increasing availability of the vaccines,” according to The Blaze.

The legality of such advertising for a pharmaceutical product being administered only under emergency-use authorization is highly suspect.

It’s difficult if not impossible to provide unbiased informed consentas required by federal emergency-use laws when those targeted for the experimental treatments are being bombarded with one-sided advertisements promoting the product as basically a miraculous cure – which we now know based on the Pfizer data dump was a complete lie.

The FDA last week released 55,000 pages of data about the Pfizer clinical trials showing that these injections carry a mortality rate of up to 3 percent, and many more suffered harmful side effects. This is data that the FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep hidden from the American public for 75 years but were forced by a federal judge to start making available this year. The first installment of 55,000 pages was made public last Thursday, March 3.

A 38-page report included in the documents features an Appendix, “LIST OF ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST,” which lists 1,291 different adverse events following vaccination.

The list includes acute kidney injury, acute flaccid myelitis, anti-sperm antibody positive, brain stem embolism, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, cardiac ventricular thrombosis, cardiogenic shock, central nervous system vasculitis, death neonatal, deep vein thrombosis, encephalitis brain stem, encephalitis hemorrhagic, frontal lobe epilepsy, foaming at mouth, epileptic psychosis, facial paralysis, fetal distress syndrome, gastrointestinal amyloidosis, generalized tonic-clonic seizure, Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, hepatic vascular thrombosis, herpes zoster reactivation, immune-mediated hepatitis, interstitial lung disease, jugular vein embolism, juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, liver injury, low birth weight, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, myocarditis, neonatal seizure, pancreatitis, pneumonia, stillbirth, tachycardia, temporal lobe epilepsy, testicular autoimmunity, thrombotic cerebral infarction, Type 1 diabetes mellitus, venous thrombosis neonatal, and vertebral artery thrombosis among 1,246 other medical conditions following vaccination.

Listen to Naomi Wolf and former Wall Street insider Edward Dowd discuss the Pfizer data in a 3-minute video below:

Wolf is even more blunt in the 34-second video, below:

“This is a bombshell,” said Children’s Health Defense (CHD) president and general counsel Mary Holland. “At least now we know why the FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep this data under wraps for 75 years. These findings should put an immediate end to the Pfizer COVID vaccines. The potential for serious harm is very clear, and those injured by the vaccines are prohibited from suing Pfizer for damages.”
Placed in perspective, we now have proof that the government and its private corporate partners in the media lied to the American public for over a year about these vaccines, which were not really vaccines but experimental gene therapy.

They have blood on their hands and must be held accountable. They are complicit in an attempted genocide.

The government also relied on earned media featuring “influencers” from “communities hit hard by COVID-19.” These influencers included not only medical professionals but but media outlets and even pastors, many of which opened up their churches to be converted into makeshift vaccination centers.
The so-called “experts” like White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci and other academics were continuously interviewed on government-funded “news” segments promoting vaccination as the only way to combat the pandemic.

The Biden administration engaged in a massive campaign to “educate” the public and promote vaccination as the only way to “prevent serious illness or death from COVID-19.”
Dr. Robert Malone cites evidence that the “fully vaccinated” were actually more likely to be hospitalized and even die from the omicron variant.

Congress appropriated $1 billion in fiscal year 2021 for the secretary of health to spend on activities to “strengthen vaccine confidence in the United States.” Federal law authorizes HHS to act through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies to award contracts to public and private entities to “carry out a national, evidence-based campaign to increase awareness and knowledge of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines for the prevention and control of diseases, combat misinformation about vaccines, and disseminate scientific and evidence-based vaccine-related information, with the goal of increasing rates of vaccination across all ages … to reduce and eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases.”

But this campaign was anything but “evidence-based.” It was pure propaganda meant to deceive.
From mid-December, 2020 through February 18, 2022, the U.S. government’s database, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), has received 1,134,984 reports of adverse events, including 24,402 deaths, following COVID vaccination. Additionally, there have been 4,021 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in the U.S. with 2,475 cases associated with Pfizer, 1,364 cases with Moderna and 171 cases with J&J’s COVID vaccine. These include 643 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis in children aged 12 to 17.

And the VAERS numbers only represent between 1 percent and 10 percent of the actual adverse events because the vast majority of such incidents go unreported, according to a Harvard University study on VAERS.

“It would be criminal to expose infants and young children to this extremely risky product,” said Holland. “VAERS data show the catastrophic health impacts the vaccine is having on millions of people, yet Pfizer and other vaccine makers are raking in billions of dollars with no fear of being held accountable for injuries and deaths from their vaccines.”

It is becoming clear that the biggest purveyor of misinformation about the Covid “vaccines” was not those accused of being “conspiracy theorists” but the U.S. government and its private corporate partners in the mainstream media.

Now, those same guilty parties in the media have taken a hard pivot away from Covid hysteria toward nonstop Russia-Ukraine war coverage. That’s no coincidence. 

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