Putin vs. Zelenskyy NOT What It Seems

Brethren, I have thought from the beginning that this conflict between Russia and Ukraine was NWO (Great reset) related. Fox News even had a person admit this, but because Fox is part of the controlled opposition, they have not expanded on this.

It’s NOT part of the narrative that the globalists want the people to know. I have ceased watching Fox for news.

From canadafreepress.com

A Ukrainian member of Parliament, Kira Rudik, said a no no. In February, she said out loud what their government has been hiding. She told Fox News they were fighting for the New World Order. She admitted they were in a war to maintain the neo-liberal global order. She maintains that the fight is critical, that it threatens disruption of the establishment of the Great Reset. MP — ‘We are fighting for the New World Order

The Ukraine/Russia war is not a simple good vs. evil conflict 

We need to take a step back and focus on the whole rather than on any one issue, the war itself. True, the invasion is not winning Putin any points for benevolence. He is losing badly the war of public opinion, and rightly so. Innocent people are dying. A nation is being destroyed. The people of Ukraine deserve better.

Putin is an inarticulate messenger against any Great Reset, or One-World dictatorship. He almost reminds me of a scene from Animal House when two Delta House fraternity brothers watch as their pledges are being harassed by a school upper classman… “He can’t do that to our pledges. Only we can do that to our pledges.”

Having made matters worse, it has been reported that Mr. Putin will not let anyone near him within 40 feet. His paranoia for COVID seems almost psychotic. You can assume he has had the full series of vaccines that may have turned him into both a physical and mental case. Putin was quiet during the Trump years. You can make a strong case that there would not have been any Ukraine war had Trump been inaugurated again last year.

Mr. Putin stands alone. In Donald Trump he had an unlikely ally. President Trump told the Davos cabal in 2018 to stick it, that America was not taking part in any global takeover. President Trump simply wanted America safe for freedom, sovereignty, independence, and a fair market economy. The oligarchs decided he had to be replaced. Comes Election 2020.

Russia and Ukraine are two countries with vastly different goals

To his credit, President Putin is not going to go for any one world government takeover by a bunch of neo-liberal, billionaire oligarchs that believe there are more than two genders and that men can have babies. What the Davos cabal did to Trump, they are arranging for Putin. Putin is fighting back.

Russia and Ukraine are two countries with vastly different goals. Mr. Putin wants to maintain the old world order as a safe haven for autocrats and Mr. Zelenskyy, having graduated from Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders School, is a New World Order guy (let’s have just one big autocracy). The school brags of its other graduates, Justin Trudeau, and his deputy PM, Chrystia Freeland. Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos, Buttigieg, France’s Macron, Chelsea Clinton, California’s Gavin Newsom, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and 1300 others. All ultra liberal dreamers, rules for thee, but not for me with Heaven on earth and no God to deal with.

The Young Global Leaders School is a training center for those who will be in leadership if the Davos cabal takes over the world, creating a global dictatorship. They will confiscate your personal property, dictate what you will eat, where you will live, probably tell you that your house is too big, or you have too many cars, and even what you will do with your life. In essence, putting you in your place, substantially lower than you are now. No guns, please. Over-population and useless eaters will be eliminated…all for the betterment of the planet. They’re asking us to trust them. Isn’t that nice?

President Zelenskyy didn’t do his country any favors by his slow response to curbing the corruption in his country, having known much of it is a giant laundromat for oligarchs, including the Biden family.

I think Zelenskyy is anxious to join just about anything that will give him distance from Russia, whether it be NATO, The European Union, the New World Order, or whatever. I don’t think he or any other country that is favorable to any one world government has thought this through.  It is of interest to note that there are reports that Davos has refused to let Zelenskyy surrender which would end the war and the sanctions on Russia. If true, Zelenskyy is deeper in the Davos camp than many realize.

Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders School

The Scriptures give us plenty of evidence that a one world government will establish itself in the last days and be the power center of the Antichrist.  

A war is coming or probably is already upon us. The New World Order cabal has big plans as they continue implementing it. People and nations are moving into position. Unfortunately, for the world, this Great Reset will not be fought with any vigor until it moves out of the shadows and has a firm foothold. People in power don’t want to talk about it. The global oligarchs, having previously made their New World announcement with great excitement about a year ago, have now decided that the world isn’t too anxious to give them more of what they already have… too much power and money. The Young Global Leaders School even took down the photos of some of their graduates, Trudeau, Gates, Newsom, and Zelenskyy.

What drives so many people crazy is that the answers to our problems here at home are so obvious, and many people still are thinking that Biden will do the right thing. Think again.  Biden was chosen to replace Trump because Biden will do what he is told. And, America’s betterment is not on their agenda. source

If you are one of the millions who are convinced that the last election was stolen from the American people – you are right. The globalists could not have Trump in the White House if they wanted their dream of Globalism to come to fruition.

They needed a puppet like Biden whose mental capacities are nearly gone. Perhaps the WEF had Pfizer created a special Jab for this fake president – one that would insure his complete allegiance to the Fascists rendering him a zombie of sorts.

Brethren, there is so much deception as our Lord Jesus warned us there would be. The news media are mostly on board with the NWO thugs. Conservatives who used to trust Fox News for the truth, are no better off now than the liberals who are on a steady diet of the propaganda from CNN.

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8 thoughts on “Putin vs. Zelenskyy NOT What It Seems

  1. Great job, you got it, you’re better informed than most it seems.
    To add: I believe that Putin distancing from others may have little or nothing to do with the “covert 19” scam. Think more safe spacing from assasination awareness.

    1. robinlinaz

      Deception and confusion from every angle. Hmmm…who is the father of those things?! Do we cheer for the Prince of Persia or the Prince of Greece? LOL!

      One thing for certain, I can’t think of a nation, major corporation (i.e. Amazon, Apple, Facebook) or influential organization (i.e. WHO, the CDC, even the Salvation Army) that is currently run by a Christian majority. They may have some Believers inside their companies, but not enough to make a ripple of difference in their mission or activities. All are fallen.

      We are not to lose heart, because when things seems absolutely hopeless, that is when our Mighty God and His glory are most fully displayed.

      We abide and pray, because we know our Deliverer is at the door.

  2. God crushed Babel he stopped them from becoming globalists, God also took the Roman empire down from doing the same thing. God may just take these people down as well.

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