10 thoughts on “John Haller’s Prophecy Update: “If the Foundations Be Destroyed…..”

    1. Mary Paulus

      God bless you Geri for all of your hard work bringing John’s weekly updates to us in a wonderful and easily accessible format. I appreciate John’s calm presentation of the insanity and his grounding in biblical truth. He reminded me that God has given them over to a reprobate mind.

      1. Yes, I am very aware of John’s eschatology as far as the Rapture. And “Goodness” when a person asks me a question like that, it sounds very much as if I should not publish anything from this person.

  1. Patti

    Geri, as one sister in Christ to another, I was merely concerned for you to be aware about his non-pretrib stance. I meant nothing by the comment, just a question. I guess I felt your answer was an attack on me for asking. 🙁 I realize you probably get many attacks as a public writer, which is sad. And I’m sorry if saying ‘goodness’ is wrong. I truly did not realize you consider it not good to say. 🙁 Of course, it is your blog, so obviously you don’t have to publish anything by anyone. Blessings to you.

    1. I’m sorry that I was snarky. John is my friend and I sincerely believe that Rapture timing is not a salvation issue. I know that people on various sides of this feel so strongly, and about their timing, it seems that they are saying that this is a salvation issue. This is exactly why I don’t write articles on this. Much love to you in Christ.

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