‘Russian Roulette’: Famous Doctor Warns Batches of Covid ‘Vaccines with 3000x the Toxic Effect’ Released (VIDEOS)

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“Human experimentation is being done and people are not consenting to it…this happened before, in Germany, and it led to the Nuremberg Trials.” – Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg 

German physician and epidemiologist Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg has revealed individual batches of the Covid vaccinations have extremely varying toxicity levels. Some batches have toxicity levels up to 3000 times other batches – resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Accordingly, the decision to vaccinate can be akin to a game of Russian roulette.

The famous doctor and former politician revealed that the pharmaceutical companies producing the “vaccines” deliberately use different dosages to experiment on citizens. He asserts the drug makers are in cahoots and acting in coordination. 

The side effects of the varying toxicity levels are explained on the website, “How bad is my batch.” In addition, the site helps people determine the toxicity of the batch they may have received.

Wolfgang Wodarg’s Role in Exposing the Swine Flu Vaccine

In 2010, Dr. Wodarg, who at the time was the Head of Health at the Council of Europe, was instrumental in ending the misrepresented 2009 Swine Flu pandemic. The doctor, a specialist in lung disease and environmental medicine, exposed that the makers of flu drugs and vaccines unduly influenced the World Health Organisation into declaring a pandemic.

This decision ensured ‘enormous gains’ for the pharmaceutical firms while countries ‘squandered’ their meager health budgets and millions were vaccinated against a relatively mild disease.

 Genetic Engineering Experiments 

While analyzing the American VAERS database (reporting system for suspected adverse effects of vaccines), individual batches of the “vaccine” showed significantly different toxicity levels. Wodarg does not believe these fluctuations result from random impurities. Instead, there is evidence that large-scale genetic engineering tests are currently being carried out on the broad, unsuspecting population. 

Moreover, the testing is being advanced under the protection of alleged “emergency measures.” Due to the Covid “vaccines,” the customary study phases are shortened and compressed due to the telescopic approval process. The testing is enabled by the legal-political preparatory work and the help of the governments and authorities various regulatory bodies.

Under the pretext of a pandemic, all pharmaceutical companies and governing bodies are short-circuiting the tried and tested rules that typically require careful, long-term studies to approve a drug.  Instead, pharmaceutical companies are currently using this unprecedented opportunity to test over one hundred experimental corona vaccine candidates in an unsafe manner. They are bypassing all the bureaucratic measures normally required before approval of a new medication, let alone a brand new technology of medication such as mRNA gene therapy..

Emergency Approval Scam

To get the vaccines to the public in the shortest time possible, the individual testing phase time must be massively reduced, and in some cases, take place simultaneously. This shortening of the phases is called telescoping – like an extendable telescope that can be pushed into one another.

The criticism of telescoping is primarily aimed at shortening the individual phases, or overlapping of individual phases, the omission of necessary waiting times for long-term observation, and consequently, the entire vaccine development.

Making matters worse, within a very short time, billions of people are already being injected with a vaccine developed using an entirely new type of technology (mRNA / DNA technology). Scientists lack data and empirical values ​​to estimate the long-term consequences of these new vaccine technologies.

Many serious side effects only become apparent months or even years after a vaccination (e.g., autoimmune diseases, cancer, etc.). Such damage is difficult to detect even in normal approval studies before approval, as this would require a very long follow-up observation. In these accelerated vaccine approvals, such side effects cannot be recorded.

By the government’s declaring an emergency, many things are possible that would have been unthinkable before. Even the President of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, Stefan Oelrich, spoke of astonishing developments in Berlin at the World Health Summit in October 2021. The executive admitted that the mRNA-based Covid shots are not “vaccines” but rather a form of gene therapy that “95% of the population would have rejected two years earlier.”

Capitalizing on the wave of fear, pharmaceutical companies are currently trying out every method and product they can patent and profit on. Thanks to the parallel data collection campaigns, it is very easy to observe the effects of their experiments without being held liable for them. 

Experiments on people on a large scale

According to Dr. Wodarg, we can now observe the consequences after a year of mass injections of these gene therapies. There have been a striking number of deaths among young, healthy athletes during this time. Furthermore, there are many thrombosis (blood clots), immune deficiency, and inflammation cases after the shots. 

Several international research teams systematically examined the VAERS database and recently discovered that as of October 31, 2021, all serious side effects and deaths reported in the USA only relate to a small batch. However, more and more results are now becoming known and reveal frightening connections between the different batches and adverse effects.

During the analysis, it was also found that the shot’s toxic effects are subject to gradations from 3,000-fold toxicity to 2,000-fold up to 1,000-fold. Therefore, it could be assumed that the vaccine manufacturers, with their different batches, are using people as guinea pigs to determine the dose. Because usually, the dose determination takes place in phase II of four phases in the approval process. There are 100 to 300 participants in this phase, whereby people voluntarily participate in the study and are informed as to its nature.

Fear and Distress Is Used 

At this point, it can now be assumed that the entire world population are participants in the study. How many people are aware that they are being used for testing? Hardly anyone because they are being driven to the needle with force and threats. Dr. Wodarg is certain that people’s fear and the so-called emergency situation are deliberately used to carry out such human experiments. The last human experiments ended, as Wodarg believes, with the Nuremberg trials,

It is a crime, what is happening now. This is human experimentation that is being done, and people are not consenting to it, they are being coerced into it. It is a very bad thing to turn dependent people into guinea pigs. This has happened before, in Germany, and it led to the Nuremberg Trials. And those people who did it were sentenced.

Message To Doctors and Pharmacists

Dr. Wodarg implores doctors and pharmacists to inquire out about the batches of Covid “vaccines” delivered to them, 

We are coerced into taking these injections. And that is why you should ask. Dear doctors, ask what you have been given. Dear pharmacist, ask, “What did they deliver to me? How can I be sure what is in it?” And dear patients, say NO! Say NO to the syringe if you are not sure that it contains what it says, but even then: say NO.

Criminals at work

The Doctor believes that everyone should refuse the injections entirely. 

Dear patients, say NO! Say NO to the syringe if you are not sure that it contains what it says, but even then: say NO. Because you still cannot be sure; there are criminals at work. You do not have to hand yourself over to these criminals.

He warns that the people who are dying and sick in the hospitals, supposedly with Covid, are ill from the effects of the injections.

And when they say that people lying in the hospitals are all unvaccinated…you know, the “unvaccinated” are also the people who have had their “vaccination” injection within the last 14 days, and they are not yet counted as vaccinated. But it is precisely in these first 14 days that the acute and severe side effects occur, that is, many people are getting sick here, rendered ill by these injections, and they count as “unvaccinated”, which is of course totally wrong, and which is a deliberate blind flight that is being organized epidemiologically there.

Dr. Wodarg thanks all the demonstrators who have taken to the streets for their steadfastness and courage. You can read more of his findings and explanations on the doctor’s homepage. He recently announced that Youtube and Vimeo have deleted his newest video translated by RAIR Foundation USA,

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*****Amy Mek (author of this piece):

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

Brethren, I believe that this article truthfully sums up the nefarious events of our day. This is a Global Holocaust. My question is this: WHEN is the roundup of these mass murderers going to take place, so that Nuremberg 2.0 can begin?

Perhaps never.

All of this may be the prelude to the beginning of the time of Tribulation, and if that is the case, then the Lord will not grant a reprieve to the killing and maiming.



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  1. RobinL

    “During the analysis, it was also found that the shot’s toxic effects are subject to gradations from 3,000-fold toxicity to 2,000-fold up to 1,000-fold. Therefore, it could be assumed that the vaccine manufacturers, with their different batches, are using people as guinea pigs to determine the dose.”

    They don’t care if the outcome is horrific because their intentions are to kill people, not to treat them. That’s why there is zero research being done by the CDC, NIH to report adverse effects. They want us dead, or is very simple to understand.

    Most people reject that because they can’t handle the truth of what is unfolding before our eyes. In fact, now that some truth is being told by these serial killers: Bourla of Pfizer says their ‘vaccines’ aren’t very effective and Fauci admits this too…therefore we need MORE shots, and to live with Covid. Many of the brainwashed masses don’t even rise up with these comments.

    The only people resisting are the unjabbed, and those who have lost loved ones or have suffered serious injury from the shots.

    Great deception indeed.

    Maranatha, Jesus we are so ready!

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