Thousands March Against Mandates in DC- Dr. Peter McCullough Interviewed at March: “Natural Immunity MOST Effective” (VIDEO)

In the heart of the nation, a massive and diverse crowd marched for freedom from the mandates. We spoke to attendees and speakers to find out why they’re opposed to unilateral mandates for masks and vaccines. There were many highly respected doctors at the “Stop the Mandates” rally in Washington, D.C. We caught up with two of them to find out what brought them from different parts of the country on a cold Sunday to the nation’s capital. Attorneys general in three states and Washington, D.C., filed a #LawsuitAgainstGoogle on Monday.

The suit alleges the tech giant collected users’ location data without their permission. The U.S. State Department is condemning Beijing for imprisoning 11 Falun Gong practitioners just weeks before the #WinterOlympics are scheduled to begin. Taiwanese fighter jets scrambled to warn 39 Chinese aircraft on Sunday. It’s the largest incursion into Taiwan’s air defense zone by Chinese warplanes since last October. This comes shortly after President Joe Biden appears to signal that the United States would not act militarily if Russia were to invade Ukraine. ⭕️ Subscribe to our channel

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