EXCLUSIVE: Quiner Doc Speaks Out “The Most Malnourished Patient I’ve Ever Seen”


Many readers know that I was extremely upset about Stew Peters having Jew-hater Ariyana Love on his show – ‘ I said that I would not post Stew anymore if he didn’t apologize to his audience about “Love.”

In this video I noticed that Stew spoke of the death camps of Germany and even about the Jews. He also showed photos of the camps and the monstrous doctors such as Josef Mengele.

Ariyana Love is not just a Jew-Hater – she is a Holocaust denier!
I am hoping that Stew has seen the error of his ways by having that despicable woman on his show.

IF she appears again, that will absolutely be IT with Stew Peters for this writer.


7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Quiner Doc Speaks Out “The Most Malnourished Patient I’ve Ever Seen”

      1. Patti

        OK. So sad if he’s aware and doesn’t care. I enjoy his programs, usually. But I will stop listening, if this isn’t addressed appropriately.

      2. I agree and I will stop posting. Not sure if you watched this one today, but I did notice that he spoke about the Holocaust and about the Jewish people. Ariyana Love is a Holocaust denier and I’m sure that this angered her. I am hoping that he took care of this matter behind the scenes; but trust me when I tell you that if I see that woman back on Stew’s program, I will write a scathing article about HIM and post it everywhere I can on the Net – especially on Jewish websites.

      3. Patti

        As well you should. Hopefully he did. Thanks for all your hard work. Thank your husband for his beautiful music arrangements.

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