BOOSTERS FOREVER? CDC “Pivoting” on Language: “Vaccinated” Becomes “Up to Date”

Boosters Forever? CDC “Pivoting” on Language: “Vaccinated” Becomes “Up to Date”


When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis echoed other conservatives and warned last November that “vaccinated” Americans without boosters could be declared unvaccinated and lose their jobs, the Independent “fact-checked” the statement and claimed he was “lying.” “The director of the CDC says the Biden administration has no plans to reclassify vaccinated people as unvaccinated if they don’t get boosters,” the paper wrote in its subhead.

Yet now it appears that the very same director of the CDC, the very same woman who made that promise, is doing just that.

Except, said Rochelle Walensky, “[W]e’re pivoting our language”: “Vaccinated” will be reclassified as “up to date.”

As commentator Andrea Widburg reported Saturday:

In the distant past — that is, more than two years ago — being vaccinated meant you’d had an injection that left you forever immune to a disease. This became problematic when the COVID vaccines did not leave people immune to the disease. Now there are boosters, so the CDC has announced that you’re not vaccinated unless you’ve also had your booster. Of course, even with that booster, you’re still not immune, as the troubles in Israel reveal.

It was always obvious that, when the initial shots failed to protect people against COVID, the leftist establishment would have to redefine COVID vaccinations to justify the continued pressure on people to take them. The establishment started with the narrative that the shots, even if they didn’t prevent COVID, meant people would be less sick. And indeed, you’ll hear that line from every single person who took the shots and still got COVID. They always say something like, “I would have been much sicker if I hadn’t had the shot.”

But still, there’s that little problem of the supposed vaccine not actually preventing people from getting the disease at all, which is the historic expectation for vaccinations. Instead, the pressure was on for people to get the booster. That was the point at which people opposed to mandates and vaccine passports said, “Just you wait. Pretty soon, you’ll need to have three shots to be considered vaccinated for purposes of mandates and passports.” When they said that, they were castigated as liars.

Of course, Walensky would no doubt say that she and Biden — who once also claimed he wouldn’t institute mRNA therapy agent (MTA, a.k.a. “vaccine”) mandates — aren’t going back on their promise at all. They’re not reclassifying the “vaccinated” (as in people) as “unvaccinated,” no, no; they’re reclassifying “vaccinated” (as in the term) as “up to date.” This, of course, can lead to the, uh … secondary effect of causing the “vaccinated” (as in people) to be reclassified as not “up to date.”

Whew! And you thought you could lose your job for being “unvaccinated.” You must’ve been listening to those liars instead of reading the Independent.

What’s more, the administration might say it really and truly had “no plans to reclassify vaccinated people as unvaccinated if they don’t get boosters” — when it made that statement. But it has those plans now.

See how that works? It’s practicing deception without provable prevarication. Deliciously Orwellian that.

As for the Independent, fact-checks typically involve analysis of past events. How do you “fact-check” a claim about a claim relating to a possible future policy, something that hasn’t happened yet? If the paper had been around in early 1939 and someone predicted Hitler would invade Poland later that year, and Hitler denied having such plans, would the Independent have called the alarm-sounder a liar?

The good news is that the vax-attacks phalanx is starting to crack. For example, COVID “vaccine” co-creator Professor Andrew Pollard said a couple of weeks ago that we “can’t vaccinate the planet every four to six months. It’s not sustainable or affordable.” Around the same time, Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, admitted “that the two doses of the vaccine [his company produces] offer very limited protection, if any.” Dr. Clive Dix, who was instrumental in coronavirus MTAs creation and is the former chairman of Britain’s Vaccines Taskforce, said a week ago that the Omicron variant is “relatively mild” and that continuing vaccinations are “now a waste of time.”

Then there’s Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, which earlier this month printed the mea culpa “We failed” (tweet below), admitting fault for unquestioningly disseminating the government China virus narrative.

Despite this, a Rasmussen poll found that a majority of Democrats still want the unjabbed punished (tweet below).

Among other things, this is a testimonial to how a “lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” as the apocryphal saying goes. A movement such as Branch COVIDianism is like a long, heavy, runaway train that can take two miles to stop: It requires much time and effort to reverse its momentum.

Our China virus train is fueled by ego, money — and power, too. This is why so many of our leaders, while perhaps not wanting to die with their booster boots on, are content to let us die with their booster boots on. Source



3 thoughts on “BOOSTERS FOREVER? CDC “Pivoting” on Language: “Vaccinated” Becomes “Up to Date”

  1. robinlinaz

    Question: If the paper had been around in early 1939 and someone predicted Hitler would invade Poland later that year, and Hitler denied having such plans, would the Independent have called the alarm-sounder a liar?

    Answer: Yes

    As we well know this is not, and never has been, about a virus. As you said Geri, “Our China virus train is fueled by ego, money — and power, too.” The fuel for the virus train is evil…100%, pure-grade, undiluted evil.

    I can’t remember if it was one of your posts or another I’ve read, but the explanation for the insanity of those who still desperately want to cling to their false beliefs about the jabs is fear and anxiety. Propagandized into believing they are protecting themselves and others reduces their fears and anxiety and makes them feel ‘SAFE’. When we destroy that false security with Truth, they are pushed back into fear and anxiety. They attack those who remove their sense of SAFETY. They don’t know it but underlying it all is a fear of death, so they are to be pitied and prayed for.

    I pray daily that those who want to know true safety and a life free of fear find Jesus Christ, repent of their sins, and make Him Lord and Savior. He is the only way out, as He has always been.

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