11 thoughts on ““In the Garden” Medley Sung by Geri Ungurean: Video by Timothy Ungurean

    1. Deborah Woodward

      It’s so nice to hear the old hymns sung with sweetness and simplicity..What a refreshing change thankyou God Bless you.

    1. I keep telling Tim to just put the professional singers on the videos. We talked about this all day LOL. I told him that I’m mediocre at best. In the end he won.

  1. Dale Vernon

    There’s enough “pro” singers doing religious music already out there. I like real born again people singing from the heart cuz of their love for Jesus. So keep making a joyful noise. I’m much worse cuz I cry when “singing”.

  2. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    Fabulous! What a great medley of old hymns. It was fun to harmonize along. Love you two!

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