PANDEMIC SIMULATION GAMES – Preparation for a New Era? A Look back to Understand that this ‘Covid World’ in Which We Live was Planned for MANY MANY Years (VIDEO)

You are living in a rehearsed simulation that has been taken live


We’ve posted a jaw-dropping lecture by researcher Paul Schreyer who has exposed the entire “simulation” of covid, including the rehearsals and role playing actors who were activated and are today’s actual governors, health dept. officials and government advisors.

That stunning video is now available on Brighteon here.

Also, we’re now learning that Canada is pushing to force mandatory vaccines on everyone. In Washington State, they’ve just announced a new law that will unleash strike force teams to kidnap the unvaccinated and throw them into covid concentration camps against their will.

In my weekend podcast, I asked, “How far will they take the vaccine tyranny?” All the way, of course. Including dragging people out of their homes and sentencing them to death on covid camps.

Hear that short podcast here.

Also, in 2019, before covid, I made several astonishing predictions in front of a live audience in Missouri. We now have the highlights of that speech entitled, “Oblivion Agenda.”

Find it here. Source

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I was conflicted as to whether or not to post this article and this eye-opening video. When I look over this Word Press (Absolute Truth) I see clearly that I have been posting warning after warning about what is coming.

I have been asking the Lord “Is this what You want from me?” I have not clearly heard the answer to that in my spirit. I do know that I was prompted, months ago, to bring on other writers i.e. Gary Ritter and Brian Lazewski. These brothers are well grounded in the Word of God and have written articles which are based on the WORD.

So, please understand that I feel an obligation to WARN the Body of Christ about what is to come. Many send me emails, thanking me for keeping them up on this Globalist nightmare. It is in those moments when I feel that perhaps I am doing the will of God.

This morning, after watching the video embedded in this piece, I felt strongly that this should be viewed by the brethren.

Is it scary? YES – OF COURSE. But we who belong to Christ need not succumb to FEAR:

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”
(2 Timothy 1:7

And always remember that NOTHING surprises our GOD. He knew that this would happen even before the foundations of the earth were laid.

He is OMNISCIENT!! He warned us in Matthew 24 after being asked by the Apostles, ‘when the end would come’ and Jesus was clear about these horrific times happening before the end. Go back in your Bible and read all of Matthew 24!

This writer prays along with the readership that the Rapture of the Church is not far off!!




6 thoughts on “PANDEMIC SIMULATION GAMES – Preparation for a New Era? A Look back to Understand that this ‘Covid World’ in Which We Live was Planned for MANY MANY Years (VIDEO)

  1. Mary

    THANK You Geri fir POSTING This! Without You, we’d be in the DARK for the Most part. I ALWAYS OPEN & READ your posts, MANY I don’t even open, but yours ARE RELEVANT to us in the HERE & NOW!

    PLEASE Continue POSTING! God Bless you for your labors, you are the “Watchman on the Wall”

    1. I’m not sure what you mean when you speak of the “The written items on this were not left up long enough to read the whole thing.” How did the written items disappear? Also, the man in the video is speaking German and it is dubbed in English. I’m sorry that there is no closed caption but it’s the best I can do.

  2. It is good, dear sister, that you inform about the diabolical plans of the globalists. I also do that on a german site, and I link many of your articles on facebook. We have to stay awake so we don’t get betrayed. Therefore: THANK YOU for your loyal service. Greetings from Spain! Maranatha

    P. S. Since I have lived in Germany for ca. 40 years, it is sad to see what is happening there. But God’s judgments are righteous, and He will judge every nation that was against His people.

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