4 thoughts on “Jack Hibbs Reporting Horrific Yet Accurate Accounts from our Border: This is Absolutely Satanic

  1. Mark V

    No one crosses the border without paying the Mexican cartel. They’ve been kidnapping children for years and have been using teens for mules knowing they won’t get severe punishment by US. This new discovery of cutting them open and putting drugs in is really sick. Surely God’s wrath will soon overflow.

  2. Nita

    I listen to Jack Hibbs and his ministry daily. So heart wrenching what has happened to our border. Just satanic, the vilest of vile going on. These evil people of our government will stand before a just and wrathful God and account for their actions. We as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ will actually have a front row seat when God’s judgement befalls them at the end of tribulation.

  3. Joy D'Andrea

    Unbelievable. God have mercy on these children and judgement is coming for these satanic acts. Much prayer for this terrible situation.

  4. thank you for this b/c I can send out to people; all the pastors like Pastor Jack Hibbs or Pastor J.D. I am blocked from posting; this way I can email people; Maranatha! We need Jesus; the children need Jesus; In Christ Mellany ; government’s are just storing up wrath for the day of judgment;

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