PCR SWABS Coated in ETHYLENE OXIDE – a Known CARCINOGEN – are Finally Being Recalled: Have You Had Repeated PCR Tests?

I wrote a piece back in June about having to go to Urgent Care (per my doctor) for a chest x-ray and Blood Work, but there was a hitch. He told me that I must get the PCR test done first. I had never had one of those tests done. Thankfully, they had stopped pushing the swab up into the blood/brain barrier so it was not very painful.

But this article will show you what I found out about the PCR swabs:

It is NOT a Conspiracy THEORY if They (Government) are Truly Trying to KILL YOU: PCR Swabs are Coated With Ethylene Oxide – A Known Deadly Carcinogen Which Can Change our DNA <click to read

From deeprootsathome.com

Ethylene Oxide, FDA PCR Swab Recall, & Strange Black Fibers That Move

Ethylene Oxide, FDA PCR Swab Recall, & Strange Black Fibers That Move

Did you hear that the FDA just said Innova PCR Tests Are Dangerous & Inaccurate? Millions have been used and now they say that they can cause serious adverse health consequences or death?

At minute 10:30, see the hundreds of testing companies that the FDA is recalling. And learn WHY!

And at 20:30, hear Sir John Bell of Oxford University say, “These vaccines are unlikely to sterilize an entire population.”

Are You Exposed to Ethylene Oxide Repeatedly?

Did you know COVID test swabs are regularly sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO), a highly toxic odorless gas? 

Millions of people have been tested, some workers are tested regularly, and now they’re forcing these swab tests upon children for school or other reasons. Just like the PCR test, they cannot detect infection, so this places you or your loved one at risk. 

The Nasopharyngeal swab sample is being taken from an extremely delicate area right at the blood/brain barrier. This medical procedure is a violent and invasive exploitation of your basic rights to choose what’s delivered into your body.

**For the FULL PROTOCOL (including NACto protect from transmission from the “V” and to help those who took the “V”, go here.

Harmful Effects of Ethylene Oxide

In the industry, it is widely known that exposure to Ethylene Oxide causes lymphoma, 7 cancersneurotoxicity, and an increase in numbers of miscarriages. (source)

What a coincidence, that with lower exposure, ethylene oxide also causes respiratory irritation, shortness of breath, headaches and nausea (pg.2).

And how interesting is that— that those last symptoms stated are the exact same symptoms of Covid-19 itself!

Most hospitals and testing facilities buy from China which use EO sterilization for masks and test swabs: herehereherehere, and I could list more ad infinitum!

Please understand that you are sticking a carcinogenic ethylene oxide coated swab up to to the most vulnerable part your skull (the sella turcica) without knowing what it may do to you long term.

The pituitary gland itself sits in the sella turcica.

Saliva testing is known to perform at the same levels. A study involving 5900 participants shows that saliva-based testing detected positive COVID infections 83% of the time. Nasal swabs detected them 85% of the time. 

The same study also revealed that saliva testing shows 99% accuracy in detecting negative cases.

Read article in its entirety HERE

Many of my readers know that I have suffered with Chronic Hives since June. There has not been one day I have not been covered with hives.

Coincidence? I think not……..



9 thoughts on “PCR SWABS Coated in ETHYLENE OXIDE – a Known CARCINOGEN – are Finally Being Recalled: Have You Had Repeated PCR Tests?

  1. Mark V

    wow. before reading the entire article i was thinking the same thing- nanobots! especially the other article you had shown from the metallic detox and the fiber was trying to go back into that guys finger. they are parasites . man made.

  2. readernan52

    I had to have a PCR test in May before I had a procedure. The “person” who did it tried to hurt me and succeeded. My nose bled for the rest of the day, and I’ve had horrible problems ever since with what feels like phlegm at the back of my nose and throat, only I can’t expel it. I’m going to have a talk with a doctor in a couple of weeks.

  3. Patchwork Landscape

    I had one test in May of 2020 and I dont recall negative effects but I’m sure something was left up there.
    I had hives too for 5 weeks a few months ago. I dont know if it was from the test. Hives are god awful and I’m so sorry you are STILL dealing with them. They are demonic.

  4. Angela Oswald

    Geri – I’m so sorry you’re dealing with hives. I cannot imagine. It really makes me want to cry. I am keeping you in my prayers!

  5. I am being subjected to weekly saliva testing for Covid by my employer. About 2-3 days after each test I am developing a rash on the top of my forearms. Went to Urgent Care to document and they told me it was Petechia and COULDN’T be from the test. I’m in week 5 of testing and it has happened every time. Thank you for admitting this is a thing.

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